Beam Streaming Service

So, we all know that Beam, the Seattle-Based streaming service was picked up by Microsoft. Now, reading some news, I found out that today, Xbox Insiders get to try out the new Beam Interface on Xbox! (Or at least see it. )

This looks really cool guys. Could be a great alternative to Twitch. What are your thoughts on this? It’s sounds so interactive and awesome!


Well, I already know I can’t stream with my connection speeds, and I hear that Beam is better for that, so I would love to test it out and see if I can finally start broadcasting (although, I personally don’t have high hopes).

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It looks very cool. I checked the Beam Website today, and Signed Up. Its very streamlined and modern! I wonder if we will get it soon. I’d help stream on beam. Hopefully you can stream with your internet.

It’s going to be hard to compete with Twitch, which is so well established. But my experience with Twitch hasn’t been so stellar that I won’t give something else a chance.


I might. Twitch is awesome, but it’s always good to have some competition. :thumbsup:


One h*ll of a challenge is Microsoft creating fresh emotes like twitch has.

from my experience… viewing is much more garbage than twitch… but for the streamer it works so much better and is way more consistent then twitch… if that makes anysense.

It does make sense. The application is wonky but the stream I tuned into this afternoon worked great. So the streaming itself seems fine.

On an interesting note, I noticed a feedback button on the iPhone app so I sent a note to Beam suggesting they make search by game a lot easier. The app is pretty clunky right now. Anyway they wrote me back right away with a standard answer “we’re constantly working to improve our app etc.” but I thought it seemed like a good sign.


Well, I’m sure they are working on it. They have Microsoft on their side, with resources and such.

I tuned into a stream today as well. It was running amazing. Plus, I started talking to a streamer, and I was amazed on how quickly he answered it, which is something Twitch doesn’t have. (30 sec. Delay)

eh… could have been automated but yes… Beam is doing fairly well for what it is and for how long its been out in the wild.

I used to stream alot but due to my bad internet the stream quality was bad, it will be interesting to see how the quality is with beam

I got an automated response and then another email. It could have been two automated responses, but even so.

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