Beam Shin Hisako Contest Happening?

@TotalJimkata @rukizzel We got people waiting in the Beam chat to start this, are we not doing it today?

What’s the Beam channel? I cannae remember…

Did I miss a memo? What’s this all about?

Rukari tweeted two minutes ago that they’re about to start it up shortly.

Better you guys don’t know. XD

Look through the twitch archive of the KIWC panel after they reveal Shin Hisako’s release date.

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Then what’s the point of posting about it in the forums? : P

To ask a question.

Yeah traffic was a nightmare. Console needed updates. Looking to start at about noon.


If its not a discussion you want to share with the rest of the class a private message is generally the way you go about things like that. lol


You’re right. Oops.

Shin Hisako is set to launch March 21st, but they said they were going to set up a Beam channel with chat controls (think Twitch Plays Pokemon) where if you can beat Shadow Lords using Shin Hisako, she will be unlocked the day you do this instead of March 21st.


That’s pretty funny, sounds cool. No idea why that was a secret though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there’s more to it that I don’t know about, but yeah that’s how I understand it.

What I want to know is if one person beats the Shadow Lords with Shin Hisako, does that unlock her for only the person on the beam playthrough, or does that unlock it for everyone in the KI community (worldwide release)? Because it’s been really vaguely worded and confusing since the KIWC announcement they made.

more people in chat more chance for controls to get messed up as people rapidly type directional inputs and etc.

Again, my understanding is that it will trigger an earlier worldwide release date, unlocked for everybody. I think otherwise it is too messy and unfair (who would get codes? what if you contributed to the playthrough early but then had to leave? are they really going to do the effort of giving codes to several hundred people?)

That’s what I want to believe, I was trying to find clarification on that though, which has been hard to come by.

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That’s kind of the point though, its supposed to be a community thing that is difficult to achieve for fun. Not serious business. lol

…fun community thing -------------------------or---------------------------unlocking shin hisako 1 week early

looking at twitch plays pokemon as an example its looking like an “either, or” type of deal lol and imo seems like a worthy sacrifice to potentially get the new charecter unlocked for everyone tomorrow

Unlocked for EVERYONE…not just the player
(I understand you know this but making sure everyone knows)