Battletoads ARE BACK!

People didn’t believe me when I said Phil Spencer is hinting a new Battletoads well I’m here to prove you wrong!


Just what we all wanted… more Rash. :confused:


Really easy KI cross promotion here. Like every purchase of Battletoads includes a free download for Rash in KI.


This is the type of game that would have been super hype if it was ready now. But “sometime next year” for a hand drawn sprite based 2.5D battletoads game that they couldn’t show a single screen shot of is not that hype.


I hope that one animation of the bike crashing into the wall isn’t indicative of the artstyle, doesn’t feel like Battletoads IMO. I’m also curious on whether or not they’ll go the more violent route of the arcade game, mind you I don’t care which route they take but I still wonder regardless how far they intend to go with the action.

Also I’m curious if Rash’s voice actor will reprise his role for this game.

Apparently, it seems he hasn’t been contacted to reprise his role yet, as evidenced when someone on Twitter asked him.

Eventually, he tweeted this:

Really do hope he gets to reprise his role. He actually enjoyed recording Rash’s lines for Killer Instinct, just so you know.


im excited, but 2019? cmon. this ■■■■ shouldve been made already

I think we can thank KI for the big resurgence in popularity for this!


True I mean Rash was pretty popular in KI.

I want to be upbeat about this, but I tend to agree with @R1stormrider. The “moment” to reveal a Battletoads game is coming next year was two years ago when they released Rash. Which, by the way, they did as a “available RIGHT NOW” at E3.

I expect the tiny snippet shown is at least somewhat indicative of the art style. It will be controversial but that’s kind of inevitable when you are bringing back a 90’s franchise (Ahem, KI).

The real question in my mind is whether or how they are going to update the gameplay style. What they describe is very similar to the original, and I’m afraid they are going to keep the same “super hard, you died, start all over” gameplay style. This will make a lot of hardcore fans happy, but it really is a dated idea from back when you needed to make a 40 minute game experience last for 40 hours so you made it excruciatingly hard and asked the player to slowly memorize it. This works when the average gamer is 10 facing a long summer. But that’s not where we are anymore.

Edit: I don’t mind if it’s challenging but I’d rsther see them go the cup head route. Make the levels hard but don’t make you run through the whole game from the beginning on one quarter.

So… is this this going to be a frustrating pain in the ■■■ or are they going to mordernise it for those of us who may or may not have other things to do ?

im all for super hard games, but you also make a point with the difficulty. when we were kids, indeed we had the time on our hands to progress. either by choice, or it was forced. forced in the sense of “you wanted this game, thats ALL youre gonna have.”

i would like for them to have the option of an easier game for those who are short on time (like us hard workin men) or fair weather players who enjoy to cruise it and enjoy the scenery. but imo, it has to have that white knuckle action where reflexes and skill win the day as is part of its legacy.

but yeah. 2019 for this? cmooooon. it better be worth it, and it better have at least a dozen stages. its gotta have weight in terms of content. if its an 8 stage youre done in 3hrs for 40 bucks im gonna be ■■■■■■

While I’m glad that they’re bringing back another franchise from the vault, the fact that it’s 2.5D and they had nothing but a logo to show kinda tells me that it could’ve waited until next year’s E3. It’s not like they were lacking for announcements and stuff to show off.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’d be shocked if what they showed with the speeder crashing was indicative of the art style. That looked really bad in an almost comical way. If they create a game that looks like that as a way of bringing the Battletoads back for the first time in decades, I dunno… It’s not impossible, obviously. As I know many gamers love retro looking games, but it still seems like an odd choice if that were the case, especially given how Rash looks in KI.

Not everyone is going to like the artstyle. I’m intrigued but I’m gonna have to wait until more is revealed. I’m just glad its not a rumor anymore.

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im with you on the art, it looked unappealing. long as we dont get gutter trash like that new thundercats shudder

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I’m surprised they went with hand-drawn spritework. Rash looks so good in KI, so to have a whole game of Battletoads in that style (but with updated graphics) would be pretty cool.

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I don’t understand why it was announced at all if they have absolutely nothing to show. It should have been saved for another event, or next year’s E3.

I think its becuase the developers who are working on this game, might have been too scared to take route I think that’s why they went full 2.5D

I mean, the alternative is that the decided to show us three seconds of animation that is in no way related to the art direction for the game. Why would they do that?

This sums up Battletoads for me. I mean, Rare create the game and then went on to do Banjo Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I think most people have rose colored glasses about how badass the Battletoads were. The Battletoads were intended to be farcical.

In all seriousness, there is no way to make this game (maybe any game) in the modern era that won’t be divisive. But goofy humor and ugly drawings is pretty consistent with the series’s history. I fully expect that people are going to be upset when they release it.

“We begged for twenty years for more Battletoads. But not THIS! We hate THIS!”

Just a theory, but maybe they used those graphics because it was just a logo and they wanted to do something cute with it and many people recognize Battletoads as an NES / SNES game so they just did it for the sake of a little tease?

I dunno, maybe they didn’t have anything to show beyond the fact that a Battletoads game is in development. I agree, it’s entirely possible, maybe even probable that the graphics are more retro. But they’ve been lightly teasing a return of this franchise for so long that it seems odd they’d use graphics that dated and quite frankly, ugly, to bring back a series we haven’t seen in so long.

It’d be like bringing back KI with 1995 era arcade graphics. I mean sure, you could. By why bring back a game just to keep it looking like it did so long ago? Retro style might get people all hot and bothered right now, but that tends to be for new games like Shovel Knight, Thimbleweed Park or Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. When devs actually bring back an older game, usually they tend to want to make it look better, like Duck Tales, Mega Man 11, and what not, don’t they?

At least from what I’ve seen. I’m sure there are examples out there that disprove what I’m saying, so it’s definitely not a 100% rule of gaming or whatever. It’s just what I’ve noticed. I know I’m kinda denying what our eyes all saw in this situation, but I’m not really convinced yet. We’ll see.

Well, to be fair, a lot of what we’ve seen in the past were decidedly 80’s / 90’s era graphics and comics. I think KI at least showed that they could make the characters look modern from a graphical standpoint. But even if they did decide to go full on retro and make the game look like it had NES-level graphics, I still kinda feel like that speeder was ugly even by those standards. I mean, you can do graphics on that level and still make them look kinda clean, right?

I dunno. Either way, I tend to think that this was a thing that some people really wanted, but perhaps in different ways. Maybe some wanted that NES / SNES looking game, and maybe some wanted a modern, next gen sequel. Who knows. Obviously some will be displeased. That’s to be expected. I just hope they make the best quality game possible regardless of how it looks.

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