Battlefront DLC December 2016

Do people still play Battlefront? I got the game when it released and only played it for a few weeks. Now that I discover there’s some interesting DLC like Rogue One and Death Star is it worth getting?

It’s good IMO. I play it like once a week.

I dont care fo rit as much as Id like too. You get killed way to easy by ppl that are max level and know the spawn pints of the maps.

Also I bought the DLC thinking it would be cool… the Rouge one reminds me nothing of Rouge One and the Death Star is just running around the hallways of the Death Star…if there is a space battle flying Xwing in the trenches…I couldn’t find it.

If anyone can point me to the flying parts of Death star and the rest of the DLC that would be great…otherwise Im not impressed with the game as a whole. Its fun for about 5-10 mins and them Im out.

There’s a different mode where you have the Death Star space battles AND interior fights.

I’ve never been spawn killed unless I spawn on an ally. I think it absolutely channels the franchise.