Battlefield 1

Just saw the reveal trailer for BF1 and holy cow it looks amazing!

What’s your take on this WW1 shooter?


Just leaving this here…

Love it. In the process of making a Youtube video about it!

Afther they ■■■■ all over COD, i expected they would come with something good.
but this was just stunning!
Looks awesome.
Thank you EA / DICE for bringing us BATTLEFIELD 1.
(somebody does listen to the community)
This will be epic.

Modern shooters are to video games as The Rolling Stones is to music. Occasionally they’re good, but at the end of the day it’s the same old tired song and dance you’ve heard a million times. I remember the same thing being said of WW2 games after Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Battlefield went and got all successful. It seemed like you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a ■■■■.

I remember playing a lot of Battlefield 1942 and even having a clan! We were a bunch of hardened pilots who flew the skies of Germany and the Pacific so much we could tell you how many texture files went into making the skybox. So when that became a chore for all of us, we decided to get into the school of modding and played a lot of mods for the game. Forgotten Hope was a fun one, but I do remember a WW1 mod and wondered why it wasn’t broached more often.

WW1 just seems a period in time that’s forgotten. Probably because here in America, we showed up near the end and pat ourselves on the back on the way out. It’s not something that’s a bright star on our resume like WW2 and Vietna-let’s scratch that one.

A full blown game about WW1 hits something inside of me. Something that desperately wants a break from the same old boring terrorist witch hunt. I’m very excited by this.

Optimistically cautious.
It is indeed a swedish studio behind it but I have honestly never bought a game made by Dice.

Trailer looks interesting. But I also keep in mind the rough starts of Star Wars Battlefront & Battlefield 4.
I suppose we will see more gameplay at E3.

First MW1 re-master (not liking how it is packaged though) and now a WW1 battlefield :slight_smile:

While I’m certainly intrigued by the idea of a WW1 setting (it’s not something you see in video games generally, since Saving Private Ryan put the emphasis on WWII in pop culture and then COD4 happened) and I think it’s good place for a Battlefield game, I’m not going to hedge my bets on a pre-rendered cinematic trailer. I’ll wait till there’s actual gameplay out there before I debate whether it’s worth looking into. :stuck_out_tongue:
The title is kinda stupid though, even if it is fitting of the theme. Think of the poor future archivists, man!

“Why is Battlefield One after Battlefield Four?”
“I will end you…”

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@Dayv0 @xSkeletalx
GUys I cant believe the Battlefield DLC is friggin 49$!!! WTH???

I still havent finished the story mode as I got side tracked and haven’t played in weeks, IM stuck on the Runner part with the Aussie. But I loved the first 3 story missions…it was great!

DO either of you have the new DLC story and is it worth it for someone that doesn’t really play online multiplayer?

Hey everyone…Battle filed 4 is only 5$ right now on games with gold. I picked it up…looks pretty cool!

It’s a fun game! Especially with friends, I haven’t played it in a long time however. I should download it again.

Just saying however, sneaking around in the night map is just the best. (You can also try Hardline if you ever see it, I personally like it)

I have Hardline! I just got out of prison and Im taking down the cops that set me up. lol…I like that game too…FREEZE! lol
SO far Battlefield 1 has the best story mode… IM currently playing COD WW2 and its cool but sometimes its kind of too action movie ridiculousness!