Battlefield 1 looks awesome!

What you guys think about the battlefield 1 gameplay?
like it?
I think the graphics are very good, gameplay and destruction looks pretty cool.
more on the level like BC2 was. and i like it.
with dynamic weather too?!? man, that is nice, very nice.
the rain effects on the weapons, everything together, i was impressed. :wink:

Insta-buy for me.

No doubt about me picking this game up. Except I’ll be reserving my copy on PS4.

i think i buy on x1.
then next year i can play on that ‘project scorpio’ in 4k graphics.
by then i will have a tv that support that.

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I installed the Open Beta today and played one match before coming in to work; I’ll tell you, the graphics look great ingame. They definitely used whatever tech they came up with for Star Wars Battlefront; it has the same almost-real look to the textures, and the movements of the players (both your first person view and those of teammates and opponents) look really smooth and lifelike. One game isn’t enough to get a full grasp of the new mechanics, but I enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

Anyone else planning to install the beta? @TheNinjaOstrich @BubbRubb4Real @GodtierMacho I hope we can team up with the beta and/or final game like we do with Rainbow Six (which we need to play again as well).

If we can drag @FallofSeraphs76 out of his single-player-antisocial-forget-about-my-friends rut (not that the Dark Souls games aren’t great!) maybe we’ll have a full squad.

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LOl…that game does look pretty bad ■■■!!! Ive been keeping an eye on it. I love WW1 and WW2 type stuff…so its very intriguing.

You should install the Open Beta on your Xbox, it just came out today and it’s free - you don’t need a pre order or anything.

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I’m loving the planes they’re so awesome. This’ll be the first battlefield I’ve taken an interest to since bf3.

I just woke up from having a dream about being a WW1 fighter pilot… Works for me! :slight_smile:

I have been playing quite a bit! The game is pretty great although I do have some annoyances but it is just a beta so it is okay. We should definitely group up and run a squad when everyone is free if ya’ll are down.

Graphics look incredible on PC much better than consoles aswell. Especially with 8X Anti Aliasing etc

But I won’t be buying this until I see what comes out for it, I am not falling for the EA scam anymore. Besides Battlefront being a really boring game with super dumbed down boring multi player, you literally get 30% of the game by buying the base game.

EA took greed to a whole new level with BAttlefront, which is why from now on I am waiting a year or 2 before I buy an EA game by then they will release their million and 1 DLC that should have been in the game from the start and they will sell it for what its worth around $12.

Time will tell if BF1 is a return to Bad Company 2, one of the greatest games I ever played was Bad Company 2 and the worst BF game I ever played was BF3 and BF4. I don’t expect it to return to BF2 standards because it will only attract hardcore gamers and no casual and sales will be poor but if BF1 is a return to bad company 2 I am interested but will wait a year or 2 to get the complete game.

I’ve never been much of a Battlefield player myself but if it is a beta I would be willing to give it a try. My most previous FPS game that I played regularly was Titanfall but before then it was the original Call of Duty.

Since it’s free, it’s definitely worth a look. You should be able to download it now.

I’ll be on tonight, so people are welcome to play with me.

Hey! I want a piece of the action too! You’re going to need a BF veteran at your side who’s been on every single BF since the inception of BF - that means I’m your man! :nerd: