Batman Ninja

I am so in!
Would also be cool to get the gear for Injustice 2!


Oh hell yeah, I saw this over the weekend and it looks amazing. That Joker design reminds me a lot of Kefka’s art design in the best possible way. I’m not the biggest anime fan (nothing against it at all, I just haven’t seen a ton of it), but this will easily be a day one buy for me.

Nani?!? This looks amazing! Can’t wait to let my inner weaboo come out once I watch this!

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So glad that poison ivy is on!

If Batman is a ninja, why is he wearing samurai armor?

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Batman is even a ninja canonically in his own comics, movies etc.
Yet he doesn’t dress like a ninja in those either.

True, but those other comics and movies don’t have the word “Ninja” in their title… and Batman doesn’t ever assassinate anyone like ninjas do.

He still has the training of a ninja.

Because it looks badass. Accuracy should never ruin awesomeness.

Is this a movie or a series?

Batman’s always been about fashion over function anyway :slight_smile:


If madhouse is producing it, it’s going to be the biggest thing yet in anime

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Wow. Still looks awesome!

Amazon has it up for preorder. Wonder when it actually arrives. Everywhere I’ve looked still has it listed as 2018, but nothing beyond that.

I will definitely be looking forward to this! I’m excited it’s gping to be on Blu-ray

Can’t wait to see more poison ivy

So i just saw the movie. Both sub and dub versions. Personally i think the sub is better but the dub wasn’t so bad.

If i were to describe this movie shortly, it would be a beautiful mess. The movie looks absolutely amazing. But its story is just everywhere. I wish the other villans had more screen time tho.

It was an amazing movie nonetheless. I recommended it to anyone who likes DC or animation.