Bang For Your Buck

I want to revisit the conversation of how much the Game with all DLC, Seasons Modes etc… costs. There were a lot of complaints that with the addition of Season 3, and it not having stages for all characters, bla bla bla that it was over priced because the PC port & Shadow Lords/New multiplayer mode, KI Gold, extra colors, extra EXP was not worth what we had to pay.

What is the general consensus now that we have a general idea of Shadow Lords, all the work that has been put into it, A NEW stage (Call it Gargos stage) & a new multiplayer mode yet to be unveiled…

Still overpriced???

My opinion is… as it has always been… where we have gotten exactly what we paid for & maybe then some…

Agreed. I was skeptical of Shadow Lords until that E3 demo. Too hyped. My wallet will happily remain open for this game. Have yet to be disappointed besides you know… Rash…

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The game in its entirity feels more and more complete. There are already TONS of stages, even if some characters don’t have their own ones. There’s ALOT of content and it just keeps expanding.

If you want ALL the characters with all their stuff, then yeah, the game can indeed feel overpriced. However, the opportunity to play the entire game and all its modes can be done without having to pay anything! It’s like League of Legends, basically… it’s a free to play game, but if you want all the characters on the roster along with all their costumes and accessories etc., then it will cost you.


I wouldn’t say Shadow Lords justifies the price as it is part of the free. I do feel my money has all its worth though.

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Oh, wait, sorry, force of habit. :wink:

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While I agree with all this, I am also aware that if the game was priced cheaper, we probably wouldnt have gotten modes like Shadow Lords because less income and thus less funding for the developer. So indirectly we are paying/buying all those modes, the free players can however reap the benefits.

Which I honestly dont mind, since it means more potential people might try and eventually buy content.

My only issue with the pricing is simply that those of us that have been here since season 1 have had to shell out $40 per season…a total of $120…for the full game. I understand that is the typical issue with early adoption on any game, but with KI’s pricing structure, it doesn’t feel like a typical early adoption issue, it feels like with the supreme edition noobs were handed half of the game’s content for free. But that’s just me.

But seriously, for $120, you would think we would get stages for everyone on top of all the other content the game has…

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Your last paragraph is so so true…it makes me mad just thinking about it.

But in fairness you didn’t have to pay the 40 per season. You could’ve just paid the 20.

Yeah, if I didn’t want the full version of the game.

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Hence why I don’t like this business model.

For $120 you also got KI 1 and 2 plus early access to every charecter along with the cosmetic dlc. Also it’s not like the game just came out and asked for $120. The game has been out for lIke 2 1/2 years. $120 for a game to continue to release content for 2 years is awesome. Especially when compared to something like Mortal Kombat X where if you bought the Kombat Packs when they came out the game cost $120 also, $60 for only another 8 charecters.

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This has become such a bugbear. The game minus cosmetics is the “full version.” You don’t need every piece of cosmetic DLC, and if you want to pay for it then you can’t really complain.

The full game for KI is $60 if you bought it without any discount from the very beginning. No one can argue that it’s not worth that by the end of season 3.

The $120 many of us paid is more like a collectors edition. If it’s not worth it then we only have ourselves to blame for buying it.


You know, sometimes I think you’d argue with a rock if it had an inscription on it that said the tree next to it sucked…

…I mean that in the most friendly, unoffensive way possible, of course. You’re a good guy in my book.

I know it’s nothing that you don’t see in pretty much every other game (2 years down the line you get everything for a fraction of the initial price)…but…I dunno. Perhaps it’s just setting off some primal rite of passage feeling…and with KI it just seems to be more present because their pricing structure hasn’t been typical.


I might. It depends on if the tree actually sucked. If it did I might give the rock a like. Honestly, I sit and read the forums and then I post my opinions as if it were a conversation. I recognize that sometimes this makes me come across as an argumentative ■■■. It’s usually not meant that way. I’m a pretty cheerful guy and I only ever get into arguments on the Internet - not because I say less stuff but because I use haptic methods to communicate that we are having a pleasant conversation (see what I did there?). I try to account for the fact that people aren’t listening to my sympathetic and reasonable tone of voice when reading my posts but it’s tough when you are typing with your thumbs… Oh well. I do like to argue. Product of a big loud family.

I posted here because if you say “I paid $120 and now people can pay $60 and get the same thing,” it always seems unfair. But I had 500 hours in KI before season 2 even launched. So I’m pretty sure I got good value out of it. I never buy cosmetic DLC. Ever. Except for KI because I wanted them to get paid and therefore keep making more KI. So I’m just keenly aware of how optional it is. And it’s come up before this idea of “the complete game” and I don’t really think it’s fair. That’s all. I didn’t mean to single you out or pick on you. I totally get why it feels on a gut level that you are getting ripped off. But as you pointed out in your post this is true of all games - the price goes down over time. I think one thing that highlights this with KI is that you can pay $40 for ultra season 3 at the same time as you can pay $50-$60 for the ultra S1,2, and 3. So it sets up an unfortunate comparison where those of us who are on board are shelling out $40 for s3 and everyone else is getting the whole package for $10-$20 more. It seems unfortunate but just consider that you pay for the extra time.

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If we really put a price on everything that was released with the game so far, I think that $120 would be a just price to have paid… 3 seasons $40 a piece, which includes 2 classic games, I’m quite sure would be priced at $9.99 each, let’s assume the guest characters were separate DLC, then that’s $4.99 each, PC Port (free) could of easily gone for another $40-$60 (like all other games)… If we look at SFV that people bought for $60, without story, they still have to pay for future character & other future DLC… or how about Destiny & Fallout & Far Cry & Witcher 3, where every patch is like buying a new game…

Seasons which we can combine all 3 to say that is the complete KI 2013 by definition actually only really needs to be characters, stages, local play, online play, practice mode(per SFV model), MKX also doesn’t have a stage a character so that kills that argument… but we actually get a shadow character mode, in depth Dojo, Ranked League, free accessible accessories & colors & retro, (I say free accessible because if you didn’t want to , you don’t have to buy them, they can be achieved in game)

$120 for Seasons (3) + $20 for retro games (2) + $15 for guest characters (3) + $60 for PC Version = $215 of content

What we have actually paid: $120 max ( maybe a little more if you consider Shadow Jago funding)

all numbers which are assuming one has bought the full versions of each…
also if I’m not mistaken, Samurai Showdown is $20 on xbox 360, that’s the mold I used to assume $20 for the two retro KI

Please advise where you agree or disagree and why

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