BAFFLED BY 2 year LACK OF (edit: visual )ACHIEVEMENT

It is now that i realize that KI visual- Facial or hair animations will never receive the due of treatment any 2GB phone game possesses, and that is 1-a beautifully charged cinematic sequence, 2-hair animation, 3-face animation… etc (masks all over the place)
How can a game, and dont dare bring up financing, when we all have put more than $100 in two years on this game alone, for millions of subscribers, not have any artisitic vision beyond resting on laurels of the in game combo system that is timeless no doubt, but when i continue to see games like tomb raider, past games like soul calibur, marvel vs capcom, even trailers for mini phone games like order and chaos and league of legends, (view 'street fighter v- trigger or mkx x-ray) TWO YEARS after all the promises of devs for more content and a response to ‘such passion’ we fans have for this game, and the claim to fame is still 1999 adobe tweening of still images, and music and backgrounds STILL outshine the actual characters. two years. no artistic vision, no cinematics. watch metal gear soid cut scenes. watch 90s soul calibur opening cinematics, view a late 90s x-men next dimension opening scene, it is things like this, after so much money being made, that it is unacceptable to have low grade Animation and cinematics after two whole years of potential development.

View the intro scene for Tomb Raider. Look at Metal Gear Solid character faces and emotion. Is it that hard to similate next gen?

Thoughts and rants and _____ li cking ???


Firstly, please go back and spell check your post, because the numerous errors and misspellings make it frustrating to read.

Secondly, I honestly don’t think fully animated cutscenes are important for a fighting game. I want to fight, not watch videos - games like Metal Gear, Gears of War, Halo and Tomb Raider are telling an extremely in depth and interactive story, and the cutscenes are generally very fluid. This means they can show how we climbed into a vehicle to get to our next destination, or how the wall of the building exploded and a dozen enemies ran through it, before switching directly back to player control.

With a fighting game, I can certainly appreciate story elements, and while the DOA series, MK9 and MKX did a pretty good job of showing story right before and after a match, I find single player to be the least important aspect of a fighting game. I think the “still-frame-animation” works pretty well, and unless they’re going to have animated story cutscenes to the level of the games I’ve listed, I don’t want the budget being wasted on something less important than characters, stages, game modes, and colors/accessories.

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As expected, you rush to completely miss my two points of interest.
I could care less about a story mode. read the OP.

You may as well be a developer.
It all doesnt add up. period

Thanks for cleaning up the OP, it’s much more readable now. I did actually read the whole thing, by the way, and my post was specifically in response to what you had written…

When talking about cinematics, if you’re not talking about cutscenes (which the mention of opening cinematics and “adobe tweening of still images” seem to imply) the only other thing your post might mean is that there aren’t KI advertisements/commercials. What exactly ARE you talking about? Because if you are talking about cutscenes, then story is an entirely reasonable point of discussion. As we have some characters with long hair and it can be seen in-match, hair animation is something for IG to work on - facial animation-wise, though, is much less important during a match since people will generally be looking at the fighting, not the characters’ faces. I’m not saying the game is perfect, or couldn’t be improved visually - but content-wise I care a lot more about new characters/stages than I do about an “intro video” every time I start up KI.

Since you remain to be aloof to what i originally posted, i guess i have to come down to YOUR level of thinking and post a response to YOUR post.

What exactly are you seeing when Orchid says ‘target spotted. huh- this shall be quick’? when Orchid is in the select sceen, in the only version of her that has hair, are you reminded of actual hair, or are you seeing fish food/ pasta/ lettuce lke strips that seem to flake off a bald head , especially if you are customizing Orchid, and rotate the figure about to the rear? what do you see on that head?

-even though Sadira is speaking Thai, what do you see when she speaks during her winning animation? what about her hair? does it resemble hair, or a twizzler stick? in-game is a different story, but if you are going to zoom in on a character, you only magnify the mistakes and shortcomings.

thirdly, are you sure you can read and understand the original post? when you can, i guess i can finally respond to what i intended to discuss. untl then, i shall respond only to what you can understand in your own posts.

that being saId, i thoroughly enjoy Kan-Ra, maya and hisako animations, even though maya’s ponytail is basically a polygon mass shortcut as opposed to individual hair animation such as necalli in street fighter V.

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Since you’re going to be an ■■■■■■■ when I’m trying to have a discussion with you, let’s point out a few specific points.

I AGREED WITH YOU THAT KI CHARACTER HAIR COULD USE SOME IMPROVEMENT. But for some reason you feel the need to “speak down” to me like I’m not even addressing that it’s an issue. As far as I’m aware, the intro and post-match poses aren’t using different versions of the character models, just zooming in on the in-game model. Creating an entirely new model for each characters’ single intro and outro might be an alternative solution if they can’t improve the in-game model’s hair without impacting gameplay.

These quotes directly from your first post indicate to me that you have issues with the characters themselves, but also that the game doesn’t have fully animated cutscenes, and I’d have quoted your dislike of the current “still frame” cutscenes, but you’ve edited that out of your original post. I addressed my feelings on the hair issue, and the cinematics in the best way I could, as you’re not coming off to me as clear as you are reading what you’re posting. I agree with you, there are definitely areas that KI’s visuals could use some improvements.

So if you can step off your soapbox and have an actual discussion, awesome. If not, enjoy your “lack of content” while the rest of us enjoy all the characters, stages, and everything else that S2 and S3 added to KI, because I’m not going to let bad character hair stop me from enjoying the game.


S1 was successful but small. S2 was larger and even more successful. NOW a bit of money has been made…

S3 confirmed!!!

Rash and Kim Wu, CONFIRMED!!!

IF cinematics and such are to come to fruition due to the money train, it will be for S3.

… As for the rest, I suggest removing any excess salt from your diet.

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I happen to think that the reel they show of in-game footage on the title screen is quite well done all on its own. It helps add that “cinematic” feel without actually having to put in a trailer of sorts (which we get enough of for each character anyways). Quite frankly, I’m glad I don’t have to press a button to skip a cinematic every time I startup the game.

Would actually having a cinematic be nice? Sure… Is it necessary though? Most definitely not…

While I agree that animations, specifically with regard to characters hair and faces, needs to be touched up a decent amount, it might benefit others if you could expound upon what you’re referring to with regard to “cinematics.”

Also, you also say that there’s “no artistic vision.” Can you elaborate on what you’d like to see from the developers as far as the artistic vision? You seem to talk about what the game doesn’t have in comparison to other games without giving specific examples as to what you want it to have in this instance.

Again, I mean as far as the artistic vision. I know what you said about Orchid’s hair, Sadira’s hair etc and I’m guessing that most people would be with you on that. So don’t think I’m disagreeing with you. I’m just looking for information on what you’re actually looking for as it pertains to animations (more examples besides those provided, if you don’t mind, as I agreed with the ones you mentioned), cinematics and artistic vision, if you wouldn’t mind.

See, this is kinda where I’m at too, OP. You mentioned cinematic sequences, but you don’t seem to be referring to story cutscenes or an opening sequence, if your initial response was anything to go off of, so can you elaborate?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who actually PREFER a simple story mode. I’ve always liked it much more when games can show story telling through environments, character design, and other elements of gameplay such as dialogue and in game events, to have the story effect the gameplay and have the gameplay be the sole driver of the story.
I know that cinematic flair is important to some, but in my opinion it usually just gets in the way of the game. It’s usually cool the first time you see it, but after playing through a scenario more than once I wind up mashing the skip button like a jack hammer so I can get into the freakin’ game. Especially in a fighting game or a shooter. What are they going to do in a cutscene? Fight each other? And take away literally the only activity we get to do in the game?That’s a fight that THE PLAYER could be controlling.
Other than that, they’d just be talking or watching events unfold. In a fighting game, that could be slightly more acceptable than in a shooter (seriously, if I take a short cut through a glitch in the wall and strafe jumped to the objective I’m record time, there’s no fckin way I was “too late to save them”) but it takes time away from doing what I came here to do; PLAY THE GAME.
Now, I can agree that certain elements can be improved in game to give a more illustrious effect. Better modeling (like for hair and general anatomy), better animation both in combat and in idle stance, better lighting in some cases, fix a bug or two… But otherwise, cinematic and video game are usually two words I don’t like using in the same sentence, since it usually refers to either a sh
tty movie adaptation or a game where 50%+ of your time is spent watching other characters do stuff and/or watching my unstoppable raging demon of a character suddenly gain glass bones and a fatal allergy to paper cuts for “story reasons”. I’d prefer the improvements that are made as a result of higher budget gk towards improving something that’s tangible across all aspects of the game. I mean, if players mash the skip button in order to get past it, I don’t think that it could be considered an “improvement”.

TL;DR- I prefer to keep all the fancy cinematic bells and whistles in the actual game, rather than in a cutscene that I’ll likely want to skip after my first time watching. Use resources and time to improve things like character models, animation, lighting, and balance that can be appreciated again and again, not waste time that I could spend beating the tar out of people by making me watch other people do it for me.

Just putting my thoughts on the matter out there. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just thought- wouldn’t be nice to have a quick zoom in on the characters ONLY when they perform instinct activation, as we already see when some characters have winning animations that close in on the character.

I suppose i just want more for the game as i am spoiled by higher end fighting games. Must KI be the only one without finesse? soul calibur 2, almost 10 years ago had gorgeous intro cgi of, say, ivy, whose animation was award-winning AMAZING . Maybe someone is right, i guess i should just view any given phone application trailer, king of fighters cinematic, or soul calibur opening sequence and imagine each killer instinct character having that wow factor of animation and excellence. for that, i guess i will just let it go. they are relying on most of you to not care about quality of character design or animation in lieu of a superior in-game combo system, blissful music and elaborate beautiful stages. it seems most of you have bitten that sour apple, and, are quite pleased with the taste. i want premium cheesecake. i can’t give you or anyone a more elaborate layman’s term. i realize you just can’t have it all, even if it woud enhance a beloved property.

We can’t even enjoy a simple, decent character viewer or theme player. play on.

Is it bad that I’ve never noticed what was wrong with Orchid’s hair?


Most confusing metaphor I have heard all day… tips hat

But I disagree with most if not all the things you said. Not gonna get into though. Because I don’t want to kill my mood right now

Although the passive aggressiveness of the OP is off the charts, I agree that KI needs to step it’s game up in the cinematic department.

Two or three intros/outros per character.
Cinematic story mode
Cinematic enders
Cinematic Ultimates
Cinematic Ultras
Theater mode with full zoom-in
Free camera replay mode.

I hope S3 will have all of this. (and better hair!)

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Wait… Prioritizing things that effect the gameplay rather than pre/post-game is a bad thing?
I mean, several of us have agreed with you that in game modeling and animation could be improved. From my perspective, I’d just prefer that extra animation budget was put towards the characters in game.

and this may be subjective as well, but I fail to see how a girl in skimpy armor with a sword has more “artistic vision” than than an honest to goodness fire breathing cybernetic dinosaur with human intelligence, laser claws (and thumbs), and a character model in which every widget, muscle, and ■■■■■■■ is in a constant state of motion.
I dunno, maybe I’m just weird.

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There was a post on the old forums a long time ago about “how to post a comment that the developers might actually listen to.” Something to that effect. The OP of this thread pretty much nails the opposite of the good advice from that old forum. In a nutshell “This game is terrible and there is no excuse for the lack of (something not entirely clear) in this game that I want. I can’t believe how terrible this is. I paid good money for this. Will this game always be terrible?!?!”

It’s unclear what “cinematics” you are referring to. Having read through the thread, it seems like you are talking about the 1.5 seconds of character intro before the fight starts. It’s fine to want more polish and dramatic flare in these openings. But it might be better to offer a positive forward vision, with specific suggestions - possibly making a case for why you think such things are important, rather than essentially out of the blue post that “after two years of development, it’s clear this game won’t even put the effort in to be as good as in iPhone game.”

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  1. I love key lime and lemon desserts!

  2. Is the issue that we’d love to see a KI story unfold in full, at least in comic form but hopefully in Fumihiko Sori or Shinji Aramaki-like production level movie form?

The suggestions were those very games i mentioned.
I suggest you re-read my original post.

why do you bother even reading this thread, if you can’t comprehend it

Games are not suggestions. And I’m not the only one who can’t figure out what exactly what it is that you are talking about - so maybe gasp - the problem is you rather than the entire rest of the world.

Once again, you respond in an aggressive angry way. I’m trying to help you make your point. But it seems like you are just angry about something and want to share that with everyone. Enjoy. I certainly wouldn’t want to stand in your way.


It’s so very okay. i’d like to think that if one saw a huge spiderweb, that they’d have the common sense to not walk right into and through it, if they did not care for spiders in the first place, only to be affected by the chaos and despair that ensues after engaging with said spiderweb.