Bad Online Controls since new patch

Hey guys is anybody else experiencing laggy unresponsive controls since the new patch? If I play offline, everything runs smooth, but if I use Shadow Mode and or play online I literally have to hard boot KI to make it run okay. Even then it starts lagging. Everything was working fine until the CAM was introduced. Even though I disabled it, my character will sometimes do random things. I even get a lock out when I haven’t even touched a button.

If I play offline though, everything runs fantastic. I can’t see this being a controller issue as A. (Literally just replaced it) and B. it works fine in offline modes and other games in general including MKX.

In truth, it feels like all of my commands are a few seconds behind what is happening on screen.

Net settings are fine. Xbox One is plugged directly into the net and it shows OPEN.

It just doesn’t make since. It will run smoothly and then all at once start getting buggy. Not sure what to do.

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I didn’t notice anything with the latest KI patch. I have noticed some issues with online on my Xbox since the system update on Wednesday. It may be that live is having some issues.

I have this issue as well. It messes with my mind so bad. I feel like maybe I was about to pass out because I couldnt tell why I felt so delayed in my inputs. I also heard that this could be xbox live having issues as well. Lets and wait and see what happens :confused:

It was an Xbox Live issue. Once Xbox got their act together I stopped having laggy matches and inputs started registering just fine. I’m SOOOOO happy about that though. I was really getting tired of losing match after match due to the lag.