Bad/Irresponsible Parking Thread

Just like the title of this thread says, do you guys witnessed as well as have any stories of bad/irresponsible parking during your lifetime?

I know that I have here as I personally witnessed numerous cases of bad/irresponsible parking during my lifetime and in my case, it is MAINLY those drivers who managed to take up MORE THAN one parking spaces. In fact AND not only that, I’ve personally witnessed a few instances where the drivers took up four (yes, that’s right FOUR) parking spaces even :neutral_face: Wow, really now? :expressionless:

So now in the words of Johnny T from the YouTube comedy channel, Glove and Boots:

And don’t park like a jackass either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

I think we’ve all got those stories… the worst one I’ve ever seen was when I had to take my mom to the ER and somone in the ER parking lot took up two spaces to protect their precious car and there were no spaces left. I nearly lost my mind. :exploding_head::exploding_head::rage::rage:

I always park in a crowded space when I am off to campus. Tuesdays are hell because people parked curved or take too much space in one spot so their fender/bumper is past their side. I seriously mean packed, so when people do this, it causes fender benders or angry people who are forced to park on the sides of the lot. I get people are late, but come on! No need to take two spots because they didn’t have time to adjust, jerks.

I can’t park badly if I don’t drive


i can go on and on. i live close by to a place where events take place and ppl think they can park on my property.i once got into a shouting match with an individual who felt entitled to park on my land.

it nearly escalated into violence (he brought a knife) after i had his huge 80k truck towed. he also got a surprise later, i drained the oil from the engine. anyhow, i respectfully instructed the police to please keep idiots out of my place. no problems since


Went to the post office and watched as a BMW pulled about 25% of the way in to a regular spot and 75% of the way in to a handicapped spot.

Guy in a suit got out, looking like the world owed him a favor and went in to the post office. Obviously no handicapped plate or tag or whatever. Just one of the many business douches in the area that almost assuredly cares more about his overpriced luxury vehicle than people. I took a picture of it and posted it to FB (the sun was shining at just the right angle to obscure his plate number) but I kinda regret not doing anything else. Hey, I actually found the picture!

My apologies to any BMW drivers out there on the thread, as I obviously know that not everyone that drives a beamer is a jerk, but pretty much every bad experience I’ve had in the car involved someone that drove a BMW.

Had one guy cut me off, drive slow, then follow me to my house after I flipped him off while turning in to my subdivision. My guess is that he actually u-turned at the next subdivision entrance and came back up behind me.

He literally drove by and stopped, just to yell “hey you’re a real tough guy, real mature!” as I was getting out of my car. I was really too surprised to say anything better, but I walked toward him and said “look what you did!” which basically encompassed everything from cutting someone off to following a person to their house even though they (meaning the guy in the BMW) had a baby in a car seat in the back seat.

Think about that. They don’t know me. I could have a gun in my car. I could be ■■■■■■■ crazy. Or I could just see someone that pulls up in front of my house and starts yelling at me as a threat. Yet they actually put their baby in danger just to yell at a complete stranger because they didn’t appreciate getting the bird for cutting someone off and driving super slow in front of them. So yeah, after I pointed that out, they just drove off.

In another incident, I got stuck behind another BMW driver who was doing ten to fifteen under the speed limit on a somewhat busy, but fast moving road. I couldn’t pass him because everyone behind us kept passing whenever they had an opening. Goes on like this for about five minutes.

Finally got an opening and I look over as I’m passing in the right lane and he’s staring at his phone the entire time. I’m passing relatively slowly (aka going the speed limit) and he never looks up once. Or so I thoguht. As with the rest of these drivers, he’s a suit wearing business prick.

Well, this guy apparently saw me looking at him, because when we pull up to the next red light, I look in my rearview mirror to see that not only did he follow me in to the right lane, but he’s got a huge grin on his face as he’s flipping me off with both fingers for the entire duration of the red light. Just a big, ■■■■ eating grin and two middle fingers for about thirty seconds.

All I could do is shrug in a sort of “wtf is your deal?” kind of way because I was so surprised. I guess I was just supposed to sit behind him while he checked his phone and drove like my 95 year old grandma? Maybe me looking at him was somehow offensive to his slow driving, internet checking ■■■? Whatever. Either way, that’s as close as I’ve ever gotten to getting out of my car.

I also find that Lexus drivers drive rather slowly, but no one competes with the BMW drivers when it comes to making my blood boil. Obviously, just a few isolated incidents. But I’ve also seen others or been involved in others where they either drive too slow in front of you or ride your butt when they’re behind you or cut people off or whatever, so yeah. Wasn’t all that surprised when the post office thing happened.

Sorry, veered a bit off topic here. :slight_smile:


It seems like BMW’s are your nemeses, lol. Seriously though, that sucks.

I don’t really have a brand of car that I’m not a fan of, mainly two types of people - people in trucks or people in cars. Sometimes people in trucks tend to “own the road”, they tailgate you reeeeal nice to assert their materialistic authority to excuse any inferior qualities they already posses. Cars are because they are teens or bums. Bums in the context of low-life standards as a result of how the treat the world, not so much what the world did to them. They cut you without signaling, flip you off for actually driving like a sane person and so on.

It’s actually funny because I have never flipped anyone off yet, I insist on being more douchey than direct. I give them a gross-like thumbs up by bending in my thumb joint so it looks disfigured, that and a smile. It actually works, they don’t engage. Maybe because it catches them by surprise or because they think I’m actually batshit crazy.


When Pokemon Go came out I literally had people drive unto my lawn to catch Pokemon. :frowning:


Holy crap, really!? Wow. Wonder if they weren’t paying attention or if that Charmander was juuuuuuust a little bit further and they didn’t think the homeowner would mind lol. Man, that’s crazy.

Wait? Looks at @Iago407 suspiciously… how did you know it was Charmander? :stuck_out_tongue:

My property is very close to a church, and apparently I had a rare pokemon dancing around my yard.

It was REALLY bad when Pokemon Go was launched… I had 13 people standing at my gate… It was like The Walking Dead… except with Pokemon…


Did I say Charmander?? No no… It was uh… It was Pikachu, I swear! :slight_smile:

That’s crazy though. People just walking through your yard, or driving through it apparently, just to get some rare pokemon. Churches must love Pokémon lol.


dont feel bad @Iago407, even way the hell down here in TX beamer drivers have really awful reputation due to dbag owners. they drive erratically, do not respect other drivers, and park like morons.

that situation i had with the big truck guy, is also something that is common with owners of such vehicles. they love to get physical whereas beamer guys just get vocal. course all that changed when he went into my yard with his little knife and soon as he saw me walk out with my 12 gauge he was a deer in headlights and promptly left the premises.

its an important lesson, respect other drivers, respect other people’s property, and dont follow anyone home because like you say, you dont know who they are.

Ah nice! Thanks man. I honestly feel a bit vindicated. Started to feel like I was the only one that noticed this lol.

I still can’t believe that idiot would go in to your yard with a knife, especially in Texas of all places, where gun ownership doesn’t seem to be all that uncommon if I’m not mistaken. I mean… He literally brought a knife to a gun fight lol.

Agreed. I tend to drive a bit on the fast side, but I try not to ride people’s bumpers or cut them off. I do get angry when I see people driving like jerks or whatever, but it honestly would never enter my head to follow someone home for the exact reason you said.

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yeah lol, vindication has definitely come your way. ive seen beamer guys try to cut line at the ATM, theyve cut me off at an intersection, i think i saw one go the wrong way on a 1 way to get into a neighboring business faster. list goes on dude lmao

also that guy was a migrant, they tend to think they own the place since TX used to be part of mexico. some are actually still very sore and think TX still belongs to them believe it or not (yes im serious) and are salty. since their country doesnt allow for weapons to be owned by citizens, they forget we can. mostly theyre just jerks leading to that kind of behavior though, thats more way more prevalent.

the holiday season its even worse as they come over to shop. they treat us like dirt on the road, then they treat our workers at various establishments even worse, and they rarely ever tip at restaurants. they yell, they demand, they even try to haggle at fuckking gamestop. all that on top of our own ghetto and shittty ppl, who are about head to head in number with them.

my solution to avoid this madness? im gonna get gifts before that awful mess even starts. christmas shopping in early november. yay. better than putting up with double parkers, ppl who ignore stop signs, ppl who drive wrong way on 1 way streets and expressway. i almost got killed, that idiot didnt even have his lights on! tragically he went further past me and was killed with a few others in a head on. lions tigers and bears man, ppl here are so dangerous come december

See! That’s EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Thank you! I looked over at a guy driving a beamer once who, I kid you not, had his laptop in his lap while driving. It’s open, he’s looking at it while talking on a hands free. I mean, what are you doing?? You’re endangering people’s lives and for what? Getting that TPS report done before Lumburgh gets in and makes you work over the weekend? GTFO with that nonsense.

As for the rest of the Texas-centric stuff there, wow… That sucks. Only think Illinois drivers really have to deal with are people that don’t speed, since most everyone around here speeds. Coming up on some goober from Wisconsin that’s going ten under can be frustrating, but that’s about it.

As far as the holidays are concerned, I mostly shop on Amazon now. I live in an area that’s very crowded, surrounded by very crowded areas. Shopping at malls? Forget it. Wall to wall people. Traffic near most shopping areas is usually terrible as well. If I need something super specific that I can only get in a specific place, then yeah, I’ll go out and brave the crowds, otherwise I just stick to online retail. Plus… ya know, less a-holes to deal with :slight_smile:

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LOL yeaaaaaaah we need you to come in on saturday. mmk? great. lol yup the texas centric stuff is horrible. at gamestop a mexican lady got into it with some other girl. they both yelled in spanish, and both called eachother racial slurs. i was like uhhhh…we’re kinda the same ppl uhhh…yeaah. lmao

ill tell you who else sucks. honda drivers. 100 horsepower of pure unadulterated aggression with decibal shattering exhausts, and top of the line life endangering cut and heated springs on their suspension. didnt matter which car i was in, at a stop light im witnessing an incarnation of vin diesel coming to life next to me. i was on highway, he was going 15 under. i go to passing lane, he floors it. that ■■■■■■■ didnt give up until about 110mph, idk if its cuz it was falling apart on him, or he got scared. winnings winning, doesnt matter if its by a mile or an inch? hahahahaha