Bad habits you have in Ranked?

Well a while back I got back into ranked and had recently gained some bad habits while playing ranked matches. My bad habits are all related to disconnecting mid match.

Mainly 2 for me:
1st and mainly this. Anybody TeaBags me mid match I disconnect out. Rather than getting pissed about the match it feels better to just leave the match altogether without the rage at all.

2nd matchmaking giving me garbage connections to other players, I play on a wired connection and the internet speed is plenty for a match of KI. Garbage connection? Disconnect before the round even starts.

It is the kind of disconnection where it pauses and goes to the dashboard? It happened to me right after quitting and restarting the window, at least twice. Could be a problem with the 2.11 patch?

No i purposely leave if there is too much lag

It’s incredibly rare, but if I ever get salty, I’ll sometimes tell my opponent that I hope they die in a fire while choking on a doughnut. If you’ve heard that from me, it means you’ve seen me at my worst.

Being way to risky with riptor and spinal… My aganos is pretty tame.

All I have to do is tea-bag and I get a free win?!

Haha, you can’t let that stuff get to you. And if it does use it as fuel. You’re playing against strangers most of the time the guy tea-bagging you has tea-bagged every opponent they’ve played. It’s meaningless certainly nothing personal these people don’t know you.

On the rare occasion I tea-bag people it’s usually done playfully. I remember tea-bagging pink diamond after taking a health bar off of her. I knew full well I didn’t stand a chance in hell but did it for the fun of it. And I had an odd sense of satisfaction (grinning ear to ear) as she tea-bagged me back and then full ultra’d me.

Just don’t take it personal. Unless it’s someone you know it really is meaningless.

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No its rather than letting it get to me and getting pissed about it i literally just leave, block the player and move on. It’s players like those who are just generally hostile and are there to troll against other players. I’m just refusing to feed said troll.

I suppose we simply have different perspectives. I never let it get to me in the first place and I think that’s beneficial because I still have fun and have a larger player pool to play against. But if that’s what you gotta do to have fun so be it :smile:

The guys I prefer to block are the guys who have poor internet connections, even then I typically send them a message to see if their lag is normal. It’s actually surprising how many people admit to having a crappy connection.

In regards to the bad connection, in reality its just gonna be a bad experience for both of us I would assume. I feel it would be a waste of both of our times to bother trying to play with a really bad connection. I’ll be willing to take a loss for that sure.