Avenger's Infinity War Trailer


I am SO READY!!!

Though… a blonde Black Widow? Looks kinda odd…


DC has nothing on Marvel!


Marvel only has both a head start and status as genera definers. Yet at the same time, if DC made the exact same type and style of movie Marvel makes (I.e. what people want) they would then be accused of copying. It’s unfair.

Additionally, Justice League isn’t any worse than some of the bad marvel movies (yes, they do exist). Yet it still has the lower rating because of a bad reputation. It’s fun to hate DC, it’s not fun to hate Marvel.

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That’s life, sadly.

Take Overwatch for example. HUGE success. Since Overwatch, other shooters like it has come out, all of them being accused of copying Overwatch. Like Battleborn, Paladins, Law/Breakers, etc.

However, Overwatch in itself has copied/taken inspiration from other games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress 2, etc.

The arguements made for why Overwatch is unique on its own can be made for all those other games that are accused of copying Overwatch. Yet people don’t want to hear it, because… well, that’s fanboys for you.

Unfair? Yes. But that’s how people are.

My personal opinion on this topic though… I’m a Marvel guy. The only part abou DCU I like is the Batman part, and now they’ve even ruined that with the recent movies and having Ben Affleck in the role… can’t stand him as an actor, much better behind the cam though.

Yet I enjoyed Wonder Woman, even though I don’t like her as a character, but the movie was really good. And I even enjoyed Suicide Squad, knowing how bad it is though. Point being… people’s tastes are different. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

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Thanos and Armstrong share looks appararently.

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Oh, no, ew, please, don’t, just, ugh…

MGR had a few flaws… that was one of the large ones.

Man i cannot wait for this movie to release, which is around my birthday so it should be a good weekend that’s for sure!.

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It comes out the month of my birthday as well! :smiley:

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Thanos looks dumb without his helmet. They really should have just kept it on him

I thought he was incredibly hilarious. Especially in our current world.

DC has had reasonable success on the small screen. Series like Flash, Green Arrow, Gotham, and in the past Smallville. Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies were mostly good with Dark Knight being one of the greatest Batman movies ever, or movie ever, but The Dark Knight Rises failed to capture the previous one’s magic.

Wonder Woman was a huge success for DC and was a great movie if not one of the best movies of 2017.

Despite this though, DC has an unlucky run with some serious mismanagement of their IPs, such as the new Superman. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t really good either. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice while it really looked good, was flat out awful. Again, it wasn’t a bad movie per say, as it was watchable, but it was all over the place. We shouldn’t even mention Green Lantern. Suicide Squad fell flat after it didn’t deliver the hype.

While DC has had a few victories, much of their movies have been sub par.

Yes, Marvel has had its share of lemons (Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark Age, and even Avengers: Age of Ultron), but people still really loved the characters.

This is where DC is struggling. Marvel has made characters that people love to see, even if the movies themselves aren’t always that great. DC has failed to establish this, with the exception of Wonder Woman.

I think DC is doing a great job on the small screen. I know I watch far more of their IPs on tv than Marvels shows. They just need to do a better job creating an identity for their movie characters.

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Before the Infinity War comes out, who’s planning on seeing Black Panther?

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For the record, people are saying that the characters, the league itself, is the best part of Justice League. So it seams like a double standard that Marvel can succeed on that merit alone, but it’s not good enough for a DC movie. Why is marvel allowed to release a dud with good characters but DC isn’t.

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I dunno about that. Most people that I know largely panned Age of Ultron as a pretty bad movie. The big difference between Marvel and DC is that Marvel has a pretty decent track record. Yes they’ve had duds, but as a whole the movies have been largely enjoyable.

DC has a LOT of work to do, and I largely blame Zach Snyder for this fiasco. I think kicking him off their projects was the best thing they ever did. Snyder cared more about style over substance.

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Thankfully, their upcoming movies all have different directiors.

Aquaman: James Wan
Shazam: David F. Sandberg
Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins

The only flop in the DCEU he didn’t direct was Suicide Squad. But corporate got in the way of that one.

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I like to compare this to tv series. If a TV show has a really good pilot and first season then people are willing to put up with a bad episode here and there. But if a TV show has a bad pilot and first season then people are going to be more critical or just stop watching all together. That’s basically what’s happening with marvel and DC.