Attract Mode Arcade Style

I’d love to have an attract mode similar to the old Arcade versions which I can just leave on running in the background when left idol on the title screen. Doesn’t have to be anything complicated (no need for custom animation or anything), just a small piece about each character, maybe just showing the trailers, and some CPU vs CPU fighting.

If I ever get round to building a cabinet it’d be great to leave this running to show off the game to friends.

…out of interest I thought I’d find some old attract mode footage on YouTube, and found this fan made attract mode concept someone else has already put together!


Great idea! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This is what is lacking from the title screen, presentation.
This can be an epic update if they do something like this at the idle screen showing some trailers, character bios and some random CPU vs. CPU.

Just like classic KI.

Guest character trailers shoudn’t be included as an additional surprise. Only random CPU gameplay with guests. To make it more intriguing.
I got a feeling KI are getting very closer to become AAA.

If @developers are interessed on adding this, please make Cinder trailer have only his theme playing cause his blabbermouth makes me cringe.:confounded:

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Yes throw in an awesome character viewer like mkx while you are at it guys!

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