Attitude problem from Old Players in KI

Just ignore them and that’s all. I had like 10 encounters with that kind of people only in ranked matches due to comebacks, counter breakers, etc. Just ignore them and dont let them ruin the fun that this game provides :smiley:

Sorry but if you play Shadow Jago, Kan Ra, or Rash and you taunt or double ultra me your going to get the works. Double Ultra, Tea Bag, and even a message saying “Pick a real character” Sorry, I can’t help it sometimes.

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That’s a bit of an overreaction, wouldn’t ya say?


I can only speak from personal experience but I really haven’t recieved any messages like that when I’ve played ranked…I do make it a point to mute the other player before the start of a match (it’d be nice if there was a toggle for it where it would stay off) because I have had a few players spewing obscenities when they wete losing. I remember one in particular where I had forgot to hit the mute before the match and when he was losing he started dropping F-bombs left and right…my kids were in the room, and my wife was on the phone with her mother, and she heard him as well…fortunately she’s an awesome lady and shrugged it off as did we all, but still, I get where you guys are coming from.

Agreed but it feels so good.

You can always help it…whether you choose to or not is another story.

There are some characters I can never seem to crack…Hisako is one of them, and I can get rather…salty (I hate that term)…losing to them, especially the unsportsman ones. But I do my best not to go down to their level. It’s not worth it. That way I can at least walk away from the fight knowing I didn’t add to the problem.

…I gotta say though, Shago, I don’t mind, probably because I’m a pretty good Shago player myself. He’s also my son’s main, probably because he likes the irritation factor in Shago’s move sets…so I tend to play against an obnoxious Shago player all the time anyway.


I have never, not one single time, gotten a message from anyone saying anything negative to me after a match. It’s not that I don’t believe it happens, but I have to ask if you are doing something to contribute to the problem.

I played Glacius for two straight seasons, and I got a ton of salt through voice chat. Now I mute everyone so I don’t have to put up with their garbage. But people don’t send me messages out of the blue. So is this an extension of arguments you are having in chat, or are you taunting or what?

That’s not an excuse for people to behave badly. But I just don’t see why I would never be gifted with messages like that while other people act like it happens all the time.


Well, honestly the teabagging and the taunting doesn’t bother me at all. Just ignore it, why give it any credit?

I’ve never gotten a single hate message, so if you’re getting those too much, it’s maybe because you’re playing shago/rash or you’re doing something that’s ticking ppl off? If it’s the first only, nothing you can do but ignore and keep getting better.

The thing I do hate, and really makes me steam as well as simply wonder why the hell someone would waste their time like that is the full ultras, double and triple ultras… I mean come on, who the hell has time for that? I hate feeling like I’m having the precious time I actually can use for fighters put down the drain because someone likes to watch the same overly long auto combo over and over again after the match is done -_-

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i never tea bag only if its @KiHazard because he actually enjoys that! lol


Yeah, when I play against my son there tends to be more teabagging than what happens from me in ranked, only we don’t call it teabagging, and it is typically accompanied by far.t sounds.
He’s 11, btw.

Play as Sadira, and I guarantee you’ll get the hate messages. :smile:


Can confirm. Lol

I honestly get way more “GGs” than hate messages - but they do pop up occasionally.

My favorite are the recorded voice messages. I laugh my arse off every time.

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Getting hatemail when playing with Aganos its kinda hilarious xD

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I don’t get those too often, believe it or not…

They are kinda rare, specially in my case, because I always(or almost always) send a “GG” message to every random player I fought, so people usually replies me in friendly attitude.

But sometimes you find funny people who only holds up, only does Heavy AD and linkers, never block on wake up, and when they lose, they call the ■■■■ of you. “Yo, cheap agono who doesn’t care for hits cause armor bro, gonna get nerfed LMAO”. Real message.

But nothing can overcome one guy I fought in Injustice. I won against him with Sinestro(he was Deathstroke), and send me one message: “You deserve Cancer”. And that escalated quickly XD

Wow. That is unnecessarily toxic.

My mother would have slapped me in the mouth for saying something like that to a stranger.


He is one of the nicest guys to play against, not only does he never get upset or show off, he is never disrespectful! I will vouch for that with my ability to play KI (basically Lyfe!)

As far as tea bagging me… Gotta call a spade a spade :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also I used to get upset when people would tea bag/taint if i was grinding hard. Back in season 1…but when you think about it, it’s a bloody game! Take it with a grain of salt! Don’t get mad! Who cares! If you lose and someone does it, laugh it off!

KI 4 Lyfe!


I was stunned. Had to stop for a minute and, politely, ask him what was he thinking sending that. He answered in a rude way, so I simply blocked him.

People forgets a lot of times that half of Video Games its “games”. They take it so seriously. Have fun and don’t hate, hating leads to nowhere.


ill just leave this here looool

AND yes!! who cares! its just a game! i find it funny!

i actually think teabagging between rounds should give instinct and shadow bar lol