Attitude problem from Old Players in KI

why do people act like kids in this game?, always doing Tea Bag, or sending messages like GET GOOD, LOL YOUR X CHARACTER SUCKS and all that kind of stuff…
As I said in other topics, I’m a new player, I started to play KI when it came to Windows 10 (almost 2 months now) but I’m staring to get sick of the game, because of these kind of players, specially in GOLD/Killer tier, I’m in GOLD-UNTOUCHABLE, wich means nothing for me, I’m not even good or bad, but DAAMMNNN this players really makes me wonder if I take my way back to Mortal Kombat X once again…


Always huh. Maybe try taking a break from ranked. Go to exhibition? Request a set on the forums from someone who doesn’t?

You’ll just have to try to ignore it. I know exactly what you are saying as I get those messages sometimes too but I won’t let a small group of children ruin my experience with this awesome game. I just won’t allow it.


I really find this to be extremely rare. As Sasuke said though, if it seriously happens all the time, maybe play some exhibition matches instead? People generally tend to be at least a little less salty there in my experience. Even better though, play some of the people from the forums. “The GG’s Thread” here serves as an informal, impromptu matchmaking service, from which you’re pretty much guaranteed to never get hate mail.

Just out of curiosity, who do you play?

that happens to me on both sides lol, ranked or exhibition lol

ill check that thread Ty and paly Rash,Spinal,Shago and now I’m starting to play Arbiter

Go exhibition…You can play long sets with cool people…Ranked ain’t sh**t!! Those dudes get bodied in exhibition just like everyone else. I, normally, play Ranked until I get to Killer and then go to exho. Just so people aren’t surprised when we get into a lobby.

Lol. Ok then.

And while it doesn’t justify getting nasty messages and the like, I can at least tell you that 2 of your 4 characters are among the most virulently hated members in the cast. About the only way you’d get more hate mail would be to add Sadira to the list :-p


Man - to be honest MKX players have been way worse in this regard in my experience. MKX Multiplayer was mad toxic. Maybe it’s different now, I dunno.

But yeah - baddies gon’ bad. Block 'em if they’re persistent. Don’t let 'em get you down.

Yeah, ranked is a mixed bag. I’ve been playing since Season 1, and this stuff still happens to me too. So it’s not just a problem with old players hating on new ones, it’s just a problem of human nature where some people have to be jerks when and if possible.

Exhibition is usually more chill with more friendly going players, so like what a lot of these guys have said, give exhibition a visit for a little while and get the hardcore jerks a bit off your mind. Going into ranked peeved and angry will only work against you, so get some good low stakes games. You may also learn some tricks from being able to play longer sets and rematches and put what you learn there to good use in ranked. It’s what I do sometimes.

Can you report the ones who send you abusive messages? It doesn’t seem like they should be allowed to continue using the service.


You can always fight me and my Aganos… I’ll be nice, I promise. :slight_smile:

edit for clarification purposes
In terms of exhibition, I might get salty with you, but I won’t teabag you (unless of course it’s meant as a joke) and I’ll try and give you advice where I feel able to. IN ranked, however, it’s another matter. Basically, if you fight me in ranked and push me to my limit (whatever it happens to be at the time, but it does certainly vary based on my run of matches), you’ll most likely need some fries/chips as the salt will probably fly.

In all seriousness though, if you feel I can be of help just through chatting about our experiences in ranked (I’ve had so many frustrating matches), feel free to let me know and we can arrange an exhibition set.

you get threatened by people, you send me their gamertag ok? lol

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Yes, you can report. I called xbox on the phone to report one that was truly nasty

Why do you assume the toxic players are all old players, you absolute butt-gobbler?

Honestly this is online games in general. Ive had alot of this in alot of different fighters as well as shooters online. When you have a community that has children and immature people in it that have no repercussions to their actions, you are going to get that.

The sad part is the some of these people did not start out this way. I think the community itself is responsible for about half of the D-bags. The reason I feel this way is because of responses people make to others on the fourm. Some players just want to feel better about themselves, so they make a rude remark. Then the person whp.made the rude remark asks a question, and someone else does something rude to him.

Then you have the ones that feel they are to good or important to have their time wasted. The. You have the little groups in the community, and some of these people can be rude.

Now when you keep running into nothing but rude people, you either quit playing all together, or start being rude yourself.

I could go on, but I don’t want to make a book, and yes I can give examples of everyone of them.


Hit up some of us sometime! I’ve come to find MOST everyone on these forums are pretty cool to play with. We all just enjoy the game win or lose, and I personally love running sets with new players! Especially if I can help in any way or make someone new come to love the game as much as I do. I learned every thing I know from getting my butt kicked over and over in the beginning, and yeah, there are those handfuls of losers out there that need to send childish messages to feel good, but ITS NOT ALL OF US I PROMISE!!!

I still haven’t got a chance to run against your Aganos yet! High level Aganos is terrifying, but Let’s fight soon!

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