Atrox X1 on PC?

There was mention of adding proper support for Atrox X1 on PC a while back and I was just wondering if we could get an update.

I was really hoping that the official drivers would come before the release but yeah and update on how it’s progressing would be lovely :slight_smile:

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apparntly if you got usb 3.0 ports you acn get a 3.0 usb hub and it should work then the guy who modded my xbox one atrox said he had to do this to get his atrox to work in xbox one on pc

I agree. But I hope it works soon! KI on PC is getting closer!

Lets hope i done everything to get my atrox to work in xbox one mode. Im going to try the usb hub trick apparantly the atrox cord is to long so thata why it dont work on pc

How long is the cord?

No idea just what ive been told im going to order a hub nd see

good news everybody i got my atrox to work on pc in xbox one mode!!!

What did you exactly do to make it work?

Uninstalled the driver installed that above pluged in the atrox went into device manager clicked update driver select from file on pc its like 3rd option and used the driver from 5-15-14 not the newest one still have to unhook rb (4th button on top) and put it on the hk button 3rd on bottom

Were you able to play SFV with Atrox?

My pc isn’t good enough to run a game like that i use fightcade with my atrox