Atlas Reactor - Join Up!

For any of you who game on your PCs, I want to bring the game called “Atlas Reactor” to your attention.

It’s a free-to-play game following a similar model to KI, with 4v4 character-based combat (characters with abilities like Overwatch or various MOBAs) mixed with awesome graphics and a turn based combat system similar to XCOM! The cast of characters is pretty awesome, and each one has their own personality.

The way the turn based combat works is really unique, because every player takes all of their actions at the same time. Check out the Penny Arcade First 15 video below and you’ll get an idea of how it works.

If you install the game, you get something like 5 free rotating characters (sound familiar?) and leveling them up will get you customization stuff in loot boxes (like Overwatch). You can realistically play this game as a free player as long as you don’t mind the rotating characters - but to own every character they ever release is only $30 which is pretty decent, if you ask me.

I bought the $30 pack already, and I’m loving the game! If you download it and install it, pop in my Friend Code and you’ll get 7 days of full access so you can try out all the characters! Post in here and we’ll connect so we can play together!

My Refer-a-friend access code is: NWXFC6Y2DGQ3RYJQG63E

looks pretty interesting man, id bite if i had more time to play another game. right now KI and FF15 have my free time though. ill keep researching it though, because things are gonna calm down in the near future

Once I get home from the hospital, if I can peel myself away from KI I’ll check this out. It looks really fun. Thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t heard about to now.

If either of you guys want to play together (if you do eventually start) please let me know!

I’m currently playing PuP, the robotic dog in the trailer. He’s a close combat fighter with stealth and pouncing mechanics, which is pretty cool.