Assistance request: Shadow Lords stream

I recently got the Ultra Trials! achievement and that, as far as I know, is the last one I can get with little to no sighted assistance.

I wanted to 100% this game for ages, as most will likely know, but was unable to after the release of SL.

However, I wondered if there would be a willingness to assist from a member of the KI community who could co-stream on Mixer and share controllers so that we could complete the game together at least on a difficulty high enough to get the astral plane stage if nothing else, as well as the various achievements along the way?

Just thought I’d ask here as the test stream would happen a couple of weeks from now approximately and I want to try and plan to see if I can do it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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If I am available, I sure wouldn’t mind helping you out. Just give me a date when you can and I’ll see if it works out for me.

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I would be not this Saturday coming but the next one, I think, maybe Sunday but probably Sat.

I’ve also discovered that Greyscale mode in windows 10 sort of helps with reading the text so I might be able to at least get rewards etc beforehand. We’ll see how that goes.

drat. I will actually be on vacation without an Xbox from this coming
Thursday to Sunday. Sorry mate.

I apologise for not making myself clear. It would be the following one rather than this saturday.