Assigning Music to Stages

I really like most of the music in this game. Some I don’t like. The music selection is really good for me then. However, I don’t want to listen to a few of them. Notably Riptor’s. What I want to do is assign certain tracks to certain stages. Make a custom option. If I pick Riptor’s stage, it will always play Rash’s theme for example. Sabrewulf’s becomes Mira’s theme. The rest can be default. It’s really hard to get a theme that you want with a particular stage when you are player 2 for example.

One thing I would honestly like to see is for the stages that characters are doubling up on, such as Thunder and Eagle on Devil’s Landing, have it for VS matches by default play one of their themes randomly.


me too !

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I heard Mick Gordon wasn’t too happy with Riptor’s theme either. Guess there was a time constraint or something of the sort.

But yeah, changing the default theme would be a cool option. Or do it like the newer smash bros where they let you set how frequently certain songs come on during particular stages. I always liked that function

I could agree with this idea. After all I feel Eyedol’s electronic, sci fi/fantasy infused theme fits the Astral Plane a Hell of a lot better than Gargos’s thrash metal theme

Mick Gordon only had two days to work on Riptors theme, from what I understand.

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