I think its a great feature of ki2.
You can perform mini-ultra in the end of opponent first life bar.

Why we dont have that on the new ki?

I would love.


sorry but no thanks… we have enough ultra’s as it is… maybe a ultra ender off the first life bar would be ok but nah…

Its sad when “fans” dont like to add things from the classic games…

Eyedol sux
Mini-ultras? Nah…

Whats next?

Are u guys really liked ki? Thats my question…

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Times change man, things that used to work dont always work now. Not everything has to be copy pasted just because thats what it used to have.

We have enough combo’s already in the game and online most people already cut their ultra short for the time it takes, I know I do most of the time.

And if we take it a step further, KI 2013 has some great new features, should we just take them away too because the old games didnt have them? Because playing the new mode like Shadow Lab doesnt make us real ‘fans’.

Point is, it’s a sequel/re-imaging, not a remaster. And the old games while great, werent perfect either.

Time change, ok! I not talking about what ki2k3 has, i like the new features and modes.

I said that i think mini-ultras are great.
And eyedol is great char too, waaay better than a generic demon… Well, that’s another topic i guess.

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