Armello, is it worth buying?

Ok dudes and dames,

Is anyone familiar with the game Armello?

It looks nice and its like a boardgame with tactical and rpg elements, which are all things I like. However in the absence of a demo, I want to ask for opinions if I should buy it (Its €5 off for Gold members now) or pass…

Its been out on PC and PS4 already I believe, so I hope some people here are familiar with it. And if not, if people are interested, maybe duke it out online sometime together…

Never heard of it before, but based upon the trailer, I’d buy it…

…then again, I buy a LOT of games, so I’m probably not the best judge of quality.

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Same here, especially those ‘cheaper’ (read as: not €60) digital games.

This game looks awesome to me, but it wil also be ‘another’ game I will have to find the time for to play.

Will most likely get it, so if you end up getting it too, I wouldnt mind an online game :grin:

At least I know I’m not the only one buying a bunch of games I never get to play. Sadly I’m not familiar with this one.

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