Arianna is Shadow Orchid?

Id love to see a new form for Aria!

You never noticed the simian animations of Mira and Maya and the general theme between the normals? Not clones but similar normals

I had honestly had not, It was strange that Maya and Mira perfectly illustrated the concept I was trying to convey and I just hadn’t looked at either of them close enough to realize it. I still kind of hope for Arianna if they do a S4, her and Eagle.

A bit late on the subject, but come on! Arianna would be a scanned version of a possible daughter of Susan and Ryat Adams, owners of Ultratech. Ryat dreamed of having children with Susan, and because she could not have children, Ryat blew up with Aria, and she went on to do that scan in a human form, going through their daughter.
Arianna, according to descriptions of Aria’s expanded story and chapter 5 of the KI novel, would be a redheaded woman with traits of her father and mother.
Aria proceeded to elaborate a human form, which would be called Unit C, to house its operating system, and thus, to know human sensations, such as touch, anger, compassion, desire, among others, but without success.
Part of his creations are also mentioned in these articles (including what could be a teaser of the Kilgore character), and a detail that is inserted discreetly in the history of Ultratech’s Artificial Intelligence: in a passage, Ryat shows Aria some drawings of what would be his “grandson”. I do not know who he would be, but he is mentioned.
Wanting Aria to use Orchid’s body would be a great outrage … For Aria !!! Orchid is crazy with no control, and I wish I did not witness this blasphemy. But another element may rather connect the two in one nearby destination: Eagle. Aria has admiration for intelligence and something more of the Indian Nez Perce, and he also has strong connections with Orchid.

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