Arianna is Shadow Orchid?

I was just thinking, back on the form about which additional shadow character we wanted, the general consensus seemed to be “If we have to have another Shadow, we want Shadow Orchid, but we don’t want another Shadow.”, and in the novella chapter, ARIA’s says she needs DNA from the human KI fighters to complete her cloning procedure. If most of it comes from Orchid…

See what I’m getting at. I can honestly see this as the devs wanting to do a shadow orchid, but then taking the concept and running with it in a whole new concept. She may still resembel Orchid, but it would be like comparing Kitana to Mileena in MK. I could totally see this asss a bonus character thisss ssseassson. Or sssomeone elsssse who dossssn’t nessesssarily need a retro cossstume.

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No. No no no…

Arianna will be ARIA in human form, if it ever succeeds. She won’t be “Shadow Orchid” even if she has alot of traits from Orchid. She will be her own character, a mix of ARIA’s biotech and the DNA from the caught fighters.

So no. If IG does this, I will rant my heart out in fanboy rage! XD


That’s kinda what I’m saying. She won’t play like orchid, she won’t be an orchid clone. She won’t be Shadow Orchid. She will be the IDEA behind Shadow Orchid taken in a new and original direction. She’ll just have like her face or something.

Please don’t call her Shadow Orchid then. The very thought twists my stomach around. Ugh.

Okay. I was just trying to make a click-batey forum name. And try to talk about where I think the idea for her might have came from. Them wanting to do a “Shadow Orchid” type character, but us making it abundantly clear that we don’t want that. Plusss, there isss my other prediction.

Nice avatar, buy the way. Looks like it should be a character in KI itself.

BAD! Bad CT!

Oh, a Nightwing-inspired character in KI… A man can dream. <3

so, basicly, if we have a bonus character, my predictions are Eagle, Arianna, and sssssomeone elsse. And any of the three could be bonus characters. Eyedol will probably be in S4, if there is one.

I don’t see your line of reasoning. How would Aria’s human form, designed to look like what her father’s child would actually look like, equal SHADOW Orchid? Needing the fighters dna is for tapping into their powers like the Firecat, Tiger spirit, etc… not to gain the dna that makes them look how they look. If we ever see Arianna, she will look very much like Aria, but human, and probably be a terrifying blended smoothie of everyones powers.

Shadow Orchid would imply a corruption of Orchid, either by Gargos, Eyedol, or another Shadow Lord if there is one, similar to Jago and Shadow Jago.

I wonder why ARIA would condescend like this… She’s a ultron A.I. then why she would want to be on human flesh? Since Terminator days, cyborgs, robots and all of those artificial beings wish to exterminate mankind considering humans as inferior beings. So here’s a good example: TRIBORG. He’s always saying “INFERIOR BEING”. And just as Fulgore, he wants to eradicate mankind. Oh ARIA my dear… Are you defective or something?
BTW Omen might taste Eagle’s body before he realises that he need something utter stronger like Eyedol to beat his “beloved” master. If season 4 ever happens, we’ll have a total of 4 shadow characters. The next one for season 3 will be like a variation for Fulgore. Oh Lord… The Robocop days… No A.I. uploads allowed. Fine let Eagle come. I mean Shadow Eagle.

Maybe, I have this scenario in my head where ARIA is beaten down and desperately needs a new body, the equipment is wrecked and the only fighter she has is Orchid. She uploads her DNA into the matrix to complete it, but too much orchid gets into the mix, so she ends up looking more like orchid than she would have under normal circumstances. My argument isn’t really that Arianna IS Shadow Orchid, but that the concept ORIGINATED from a Shadow Orchid design.

I think she actually has emotions or something. I’m not sure. Let’s just let her be who she wants to be. :blush:

@CrimsonScorch88 Aria was designed to protect humanity. In the process she wants to learn what it means to be a human. What better way to learn than to experience it first hand through a human body?

@CausingThought6 I can understand where that thought comes from, but I still wouldn’t consider that character shadow orchid unless some sort of shadow energy experiment goes horribly wrong in the process.

I don’t see it as emotions, as it is curiousity. She wants to understand some mundane human things that she, as a machine, won’t ever be able to experience, such as love, fear and other human emotions. And thus she has to make herself become human to learn about these things, to experience them.

It’s like the difference in theory and practise. You can read about a topic and learn everything there is to know about it, but you will never be able to truly understand it before you’ve experienced it yourself.

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So…pretty much akin to Shadow Maya (Mira) where she’s pretty much a Shadow Orchid but has enough of her own flair that nobody notices that they’re getting a shadow remix instead if a completely new character? Or Eyedol?
…yeah, sounds about right.

okay, this is getting a little frustrating. I keep saying that she’s NOT a shadow character. Just that’s where the idea came from in the conceptual phase. But everyone seems to be ignoring that little but of my paragraphs. Maybe I should have titled this forum something different, I don’t know. It’s just a little irritating at this point that all of you seam to either ignore, or not comprehend that part of my posts. Not angry BTW. Just a little miffed. I know alot of context gets lost in text. :grinning:

I actually never though of that.

Iron Galaxy you Iron-ey Galaxy-ey B.A.ST.A.R…D.S! (Like if you watch Caddicarus)

@darkfoxinvid One thing i would say to ARIA: it sucks to be a human. Maybe she want to drink from the luxury of the rule 34 chalice.

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Arianna is Aria but in child form. In the novella, the part in which Arianna and the father speak is just a simulation Aria projects. It could be because she misses him and because she kind of wants to be human. So she created replicas from memories of her father and made up her own digital Avatar of how she wants to be seen. Aria can be in any part of the world simultaneously and during this scene she is having a simulated conversation with her father and at the same time downloading into a new body because the last one was destroyed.

Aria seeks to build a human/robot hybrid I believe in order to better blend in and adapt to humanity. She seeks to feel certain things humans feel and believes a humanoid body might solve that issue. It was her father who told her she did not truly understand humans and it kinds of brothers her.

Whether or not that human body will be a skin, replace current aria’s default, or even be named Arianna remains to be seen. Heck it will most likely never occur in this version of KI.


Arianna would be real “girl” Omen.