Aria unbreakable

No, not saying she has unbreakables, just saying her visual cues are pretty faint/ambiguos


It’s Aria designed this way on porpouse? I’ve seen a lot of other characters get visual or some audio cue to help understand what they are doing. But with all the flashy stuff going on the screen and Aria being so ambiguos is a very hard to break character. She has interesting damage enough without shadow.

If not, would love an option to tone down excesive visual effects, can’t see what’s happening when she is hitting, really hard to break that character.


You cannot fight the future.

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Pretty surprise this continued to make its way into the latest patch. Aria is already a great character and solid, but the biggest annoyance is her terrible visual/audio cues in strengths.


I don’t think I remember you mentioning why this was kept in the game, is that just part of her strengths? Seems deceptive aside from her already untapped potential.


Infil in one of his commentaries mentioned that her grenade linker is best broken by recognizing your character’s animation while being hit. It works for me, although sometimes the difference between light and heavy looks the same with Jago’s head position.

I will say that her auto doubles can be pretty tricky to recognize; however, that could just be a lack of familiarity. I don’t see that many Aria players, but go figure I would run into two in a row a few nights ago. I really need to hop into the lab and practice.

There is tell tale signs. But we are rare to play against. I take joy in that.

They are slight and almost insignificant. She has the most ambiguous strengths and linkers in the game. The person who comes close would possibly be Rash’s Boot.

But yeah, she is underplayed for someone who is on a better playing field in the cast.

Her medium punch doubles are the only thing I struggle with. They look a bit too much like her light doubles. Other than that I think she is alright. Her medium kick doubles are shotgun blasts, so that’s easy enough to see.

Mmmmm well…I wouldn’t say that. Shotgun blitz is pretty standard as far as breaking linkers are. EA…can be tricky. Easier to see it if you played with her at the very least.

Too hard is my guess. Oh well not my problem.

I was being rather vague, I don’t mean every single one of her buttons are ambiguous, just her grenade linker and her light and medium punch variants.

Nothing insane, but in most cases it makes her unbreakable because the strengths are indistinguishable. Though, not enough people use her enough for this to be significant enough to warrant a change I imagine if she remained unchanged.

But yeah, not your problem.

I’m not complaining. There’s plenty of things still unknown (although I’ve found some wonderful things). And plus…that just means more ARIA for me.

speaking of unknown…I just found something new.