ARIA Bug, Left - Right get flipped!

Crossing over the enemy using crescendo causes left and right to get switched until you perform Crescendo again.

Yup, it also happens with regular jumps. If you cross her up her inputs get reversed but not all the time just randomly. REALLY annoying.

Changes to the input system so that after crossing under a character your next move motion is read correctly. (If you notice any bugs possibly related to this change, please report them with full reproduction steps on the forums to help us quickly track down and fix them)

Looks like this “fix” broke something in the engine or with some characters. I experienced something similar with Kan Ra. How will this look at tournaments? They need to fix this asap as it affects competitive play.

Happen to me to yesterday really really annoying.

It can be a pretty devastating bug. Since it can make things turn into unblockables.


Or cause you to lose money at a tournament.

That too.

Just happened to me. Really game breaking. Aria turns out totally useless when this happens

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Same here, also with ARIA, needs fixing asap

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The only way to get rid of the bug is by getting hit, or doing another crescendo. So if you switch bodies while still having the bug on then the only way to fix it is getting hit then.

I posted a link to this discussion in the appropriate thread

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Omg this is so frustrating happen to me in ranked all the time… I hope we’ll get a fix asap

Looks like I’m not touching Aria for a while then. I was planning on picking her back up, but this is too much.

I was toying with her before summer break, too bad I have to drop her for now. The worst thing is that they are going to ban her in any tournament until they patch her.

Omg this needs fix asap