ARIA alternate stage idea

Aria background, behind the stage Is really wasted and not visible. It would be perfect for a secondary stage like Gargos stage.


That looks pretty cool.

I could dig it. I dunno if my wallet could lol

@Ravan86 OMG peoples on this forum hates me before because of sadira, so please dont make me too much excited about aria, omg beautifull :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: i feel like im gonna tag the devs lol lol jk.

I like the idea in theory, but I’d want the cityscape to be more post-apocalyptic. Ya know, Omen’s flying around, shooting shendokukens at buildings, tiny little people running for their lives as buildings burn and a large, purple and green portal swirls above, occasionally spewing mimics and Omens. Maybe buildings even topple over in between rounds and for ultras, causing explosions and dust clouds around them.

Maybe I’m getting carried away here, but I do think that a level showing off what’s actually HAPPENING in the story would be very cool, and I think a balcony stage like this (which could maybe be Kilgore’s home stage?) would be pretty awesome.


The Kilgore are perfect for neutralizing flying objects. Launched targeted missiles. Kilgores can stand out on the terraces.

There’s only 1 Kilgore


Maybe if you didn’t cause such an uproar and a massive spiral out of control with the 3.8 thread you posted that buffed literally nobody but the characters you played, and when asked for sets you banned characters like they were Gill in 3S, then maybe you wouldn’t have as much hate associated with you. But I digress.

Onto the real point of me posting. This is an amazing setup! Yo @Ravan86 can you try to set something up like the train in the first Gears of War?

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i LOVE this idea. +1 from me!

stage ultra where they get knocked off the roof and knocked into traffic?

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I really like this idea. :thumbsup: