Are you releasing Season 3 Ultimate Edition on DVD?

I already downloaded it and gave it a try on my PC, but I would prefer to purchase a physical copy of it instead of only having it digitally. Are there plans for a physical release?

I haven’t seen anything along those lines yet news-wise. Maybe when the series is done? No indication that this is the final season either. I get wanting a physical copy, but it’s a pretty awesome game, maybe just play it as it is for the time being?

Stay tuned, probably. It is the price of a full retail game now so it might make sense, though I’m not sure the inital physical release did so well.

Well, the one thing that might give that a boost is the fact that it’s now also on PC. Let’s hope, in any case.

Oh, I do understand that. I am playing it, bit by bit, right now. At least I can enjoy the free characters as they come out and try to get better with them in the meantime.

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I’m still waiting for the VHS copy