Are we getting a February character?

Just curious since Kilgore drop in January!

My guess is either Valentine’s or last week of February


There’s a very good chance of that happening so I’m going to say, oh yeah :wink: :slight_smile:

What makes you so sure?

Oh just a hunch, that’s all

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I don’t think we’ll see a character to the world cup in march. Were meant to be getting wave 1 of ultimates in February

“Stay Tuned” :wink: - Developers probably.


Probably not. The “big” thing to come in February will probably be Ultimates. There’s no way they would drop that much content in one month, now that they’re purposefully stretching it out and giving a constant flow of new stuff.

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“Constant” is kind of an overstatement…


I wonder if Ultimates will come in waves or they will drop them all at once?

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I hope they are all at once. I don’t want to see “when is character X ultimate comming” posts 7 times a day for months.

The bitterness posts the day after will be bad enough. “Can you stop the ultra into ultimate” posts that will pop up 10 minutes after the Ultimates are in the game.

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Might get Ultimates midway through and at least a tease or limited time SL feature for the next character

Joanna dark pls I’m ready.


I sure hope so. I think they will reveal next character on Valentine day or 20 - 28th.

Will confirm - no character in February. Reveal? Possibly. But not release.


Aw man! :cry:

that’s mean we will see new character at KIWC?

Unless 2 characters are revealed at the KI cup.

Oh well, at least it gives me time to get kilgore to level 50. Currently at level 38.

Suprised at the straightforward answer. But a part of me wonders if thats the last straightforward annswer
of 2017 lol.


Not really.

They’re doing something every week on Tuesday, whether that be a new guardian, event, skin, character, etc. There is some kind of “content” every week, therefor it is “constant”.