Are they working on a fix?

OK, but for real killer instinct servers have been down for almost 3 and a half days for me are they working on fix?

Yes, the Killer Instinct Twitter said they’re working on it about 13 hours ago. I figured it would just be a server reboot, but it seems like something larger happened.

we are on the same bus I guess. Also I am wating for some fix.
Hope it will be done soon.

what about the fact that some players gold is just gone and people like me have no access to Eagle…who i paid for

I’m sure once they get things fixed, you’ll get your content back. Since the issue started, I have been getting sync errors.

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I’m having the same errors my local play story and dojo work but nothing online or the shadow labs I’m on xbox one KI is the only game not working

Yeah they are for sure aware of it. That doesn’t make it less aggravating.

The combo breaker tournament this weekend was the best showcase KI is going to get this year and they manage to break the game for the duration of the event and afterwards. It’s pretty emblematic of KI…

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They didn’t do anything, bro. Bad things happen. Nothing in life is perfect, let alone games. The important thing now is that they’re aware of the problem and are working on it. Let’s just give the devs some credit.

I’m a huge fan of the devs, and I believe in giving them credit for all the good work they do. But the game is currently not functioning. Over Memorial Day weekend in the US. And it’s been broken for days. For no discernible reason. If people aren’t allowed to be upset about that then what would they be allowed to be upset by?

I just think it’s a minor problem that could happen to anything or anyone. Yes, it’s upsetting, but I believe they’ll fix it soon. I received an email from Microsoft support this morning. IG is aware of the problem and they’re working to fix it. That’s enough for me.

They sent a tweet like an hour ago, that they are working on it.

Just for the sake of argument, if the game being completely unplayable is a minor problem, then what would be a major problem?

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The single player mode is working just fine. Of course, I want to be able to play online as much as you. Maybe I’m just more understanding than you. I don’t consider this glitch that bad, as long as it’s fixed. Anyway, I hope they get it fixed so you can play online asap.

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I think someone just woke someone else’s “inner Andy”.


KI didn’t even function on PC, so single player wasn’t an option. I don’t know if it’s fixed yet, but I wouldn’t say this is a “minor” problem. Luckily, I have other games to play so I’m not troubled by it. However, Andy makes a serious point about KI being showcased, naturally bringing about new players and old back into the fray.

Alas, it really is true to the issues the game has had over its development cycle. I’m sure it’ll be fixed, but still… c’mon.

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I agree the timing couldn’t be worse, but I have plenty of other games to play, so it doesn’t bother me that much. Nevertheless, I see you point of view and you’re right. Also I don’t understand how this glitch happened, since KI is getting no more updates.

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I think it happened not because they changed KI, but because they changed the environment in which KI functions with no regard as to how KI would process those changes. Ironically, this might have happened because they did not change KI to keep up with OS and Live updates.


they should add a rock paper scissors function, and let ppl duke it out through that lmao winner takes the internet argument, loser has to stfu and move on haha

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I second this. My Jago is ready.

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I will always choose rock