Are they ever going to fix the framerate on Xbox One X?

I just played a bunch tonight for the first time in a while and it still seems pretty bad, especially during shadow moves. It’s been 2 months. Are they actually going to fix this? Seems like a pretty big issue to just ignore. @rukizzel @TempusChaoti


If that’s the case, I’m better off with Xbox One (Chapter One) or Xbox One S.

I don’t think it’s so much the Xbox One X that it affects, as it is the 4k resolution options. I’ve noticed it too, and yeah it’s bad. In fact, the problem seems much worse after they did that last balance patch close to the end of the year, the one that finally fixed Rash’s Ultra bug.

I really hope they are fine tuning it, because I’m tempted to forgo the beautiful 4k resolution for performance sake because it’s starting to really get to me.

They said they were looking into it a while ago, and we never heard anything else. I mean the game doesn’t play well. They can’t just leave it this way.

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I agree, it looks bad. At first, it wasn’t too bad, but that last patch really messed it up, and while I believe the 4k visuals are stunning, the tradeoff on the frame rate is horrible. I could overlook it at first, but over time, it just becomes difficult to ignore, especially in online ranked.


That’s unfortunate. I don’t use my OneX for fighting games usually but it seems like a pretty glaring problem for one of their “wow” 4k titles. You always have the option of telling the OneX to display in 1080 for KI. Not ideal but should improve performance.

I can say they are definitely working on it. Just give them time to figure out the problem. Its very hard to detect becasue it doesnt effect everyone and most ppl cant tell the difference between lag and frame rate. So most ppl are dismissing it as online lag.

I can also say that is DOES in fact effect offline play. To recreate play single play, use a character like omen, or Eyedol that has a lot of shadow effects… instinct cancel and do the longest combo possible full of shadow linker and manuals. The combos will decrease in speed x3.
Just know they are trying hard to figure it out…the best thing you can do is make a video and post your specs.
What Tv you have
Is it on game mode?
Are you playing on 4K or 1080P
HDMI cable that came with the XBX


Just doing Jago’s shadow fireball causes the game to frame drop like crazy.

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Yeah, I can attest to this too. I use Cinder a bit in Shadow Lords mode and some of his special effects tend to really test the frame rate at 4k. It drops below 60 a good bit too often, especially during his Ultra.

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Tonight I played for about 2 hours online only and I didnt have any issues. I used about 18 of the 29 characters 2-3 mates each. I even purposely tried to do as many instinct cancels, shadow linkers, manual combos as possible with Omen and Eyedol to push the limits and I didnt have any significant frame drops like usual that make you want to throw your controller through your TV. LOL
So tonight was a very fun night of KI which has been rare in the last 2 months for me.

So thats good.

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think you’ll be on in about 2.5 hours? :slight_smile: I’d love to play your omen!

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Nah man… Ill be in bed in 2.5 hours lol

Ill be on tomorrow around 5-7pm and all weekend. Yes Id love to play…its long overdue!

Right now Ive switched over to PS4 for the night to play The Order 1886 and maybe some SFV AE

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Gentlemen, I think you forget one thing…

We must train for the arrival of the saiyans…possibly in 4k, but definitely in HDR.