Are there going to be anymore double xp weekends

I was wondering are there going to be any more double xp weekends as I have not seen one this year so far?

Huh, weird, there has actually been at least one so far from what I’ve seen this year, it was quite recently, too. :thinking:

There was also one late last year when I got Sadira up to 50, it was during one of the autumn months, I think October or November.

We just had one a week ago did we not?

Ummmmm pass.

(I think there was one for Valentine’s day but I didn’t get a chance to talk much about it.

That said…I do have a calendar of weekends and stuff. We try to do them once a month-ish sooooooo probably around St Patty’s day?)

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I thought there was one for a Vday weekend the 9th -12th…but I cant confirm.
Next month has 2 good weekends that could hold a Double XP.

The 16th-18th for St Patricks day
The 30th-1st for Goodfriday/Easter

Would be nice to have a special Shadow Lords event where you fight an army (like 4 maybe) of green Mimics leading up to Shago, Omen and Gargos…


I didn’t know they had one v day weekend. The last one I played was last year. I wish they had more and it was more announced or if someone has a calendar with these events on them it’d be nice

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Does anyone have a calendar or know when is the next one?

Still no news on a double xp weekend?