Are omens supposed to only be killable with ultra's/ultimate

Unfortunately when the pop-up explaining how omens worked showed up I pressed the A button twice by mistake. I think it mentioned something about ultras, however I can’t find anything different than a regular fight. Am I imagining things or do ultras do something during omen fights?

As far as I know you can kill them like any other enemy, though I think they should be only beatable by ultraing them.

I’ve never had that problem. Just a straight up kill would set ya straight.

If they have the property “Bastion” then yes, they can only be defeated with an ultra.

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Omens are killable by regular means, unless they have the Bastion trait. This isn’t too common in my experience, though.

I suppose it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

I think the omens shouldn’t be killable at all…but that’s just me… :slight_smile:

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You’re not the only one bro.

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For what I read on the explanation, if an Omen carries a Gargos item, the only way to stop the Gargos buff is if you kill that Omen with a Ultra.

Yes, you can kill it without Ultra, but that only make the corruption stops a little. At the final battle, Gargos will have the buff item if you didn’t killed the Omen with a Ultra.

Incorrect. I’ve killed plenty of Omens just by beating the hell out of 'em with Snake, and Gargos definitely lost the buff.