Are mods going to happen this year?

I really would like to know cmon ig. When will u tell us mods will be possible?

Mods as in what? Unlimited shadow or instinct, or invulnerability?

U looked at my post? No like character mods

You mean like Kim Wu with a katana? Or rash with skill lol (sorry couldn’t resist). TJ with brass knuckles. Orchid with a pair of sai?

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Gargos SL moveset

Oh so taking a guy off screen for a whooping?

Daaaamn you’re savage. Lmao

I’m pretty sure he means the ability to change asthetics, such as you can with SF4 & 5, where you can change backgrounds, music, and character meshes/colors/etc, but it doesn’t affect gameplay.
That way things could be done by fans that the dev team don’t have time or resources to do, such as fix Fatgore’s and Saberrat’s retros, or give Riptor a string bikini.

Aye. I like Fatgore. It has skulls lmao!

I’m not saying they should get rid of his skull head, but he could lay off the 30w motor oil, maybe switch to 10w, do a few servo-squats every now and then…



Oh, yeah…and lose the goatee…seriously that odd chin protrusion he’s got going on makes his entire faceplate look concave.

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I think you put the nail on the head with the problem people have with his face lol.

His head is still weird though.

Yeah, considering Fatgore’s body is a near 1:1 for his KI2 design, apart from being fat, they should have had his head the same to match.

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If his head and torso were resized, he’d look a lot more accurate(and appealing for that matter)

Plus I wish they made his first retro color a bit more gray, because it’s always bugged me

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