Are feral cancels getting removed

In sabrewulfs backstory there’s s hint of him having new ways to open ppl up does this mean Fc’s out and new inputs in?

To me it just sounded like he was getting more options out of his run ala TJ power line style. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to lose feral cancels.

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No one said he would lose them It’s a cliff hanger no one knows the complaints about FC’s and players dripping the game Fr the insane gimmicks about it probably might get removed hopefully


Lemme guess wulf main lmao

There’s nothing to suggest it would be removed though. The article hints at giving Wulf new abilities that reward patience because he’s embracing his predatory instincts; removing the feral cancels would imply that he would be doing the opposite.
Besides, they already nerfed his instinct damage bonus to keep it balanced out, so it looks like its here to stay. There’s no need to remove the cancels, since its only available during instinct mode. It’s designed to make his pressure more formidable, just like many other characters’ instinct modes (Jago, TJ, Sadira, Maya, Kan-Ra, Cinder…)

So no, I’m pretty sure feral cancels aren’t going anywhere. If anything, it looks like he’s going to be getting more tools rather than less.


More tools man wonder how many ppl will stick around to deal with that bs

Removed? No I doubt it. Nerfed a bit? Probably. (My guess is more cooldown between feral cancel uses and maybe add 2 frames to the animation itself)

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That’s what should happen at least a cool down similar to glacius u use 1 you lose one

To be honest this is one of those: “let’s wait and see” moments.

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Pretty much just hoping there are smart and tone it down

Chances are in gaining something Sabrewulf may just loose something for balance if it proves to be a little OP.

That tends to happen quite a bit. But again it’s all speculation.

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Yeah I agree on it

“Having spent much time at the mercy of his wild side, Sabrewulf has learned that being a predator is often as much about patience as it is power. He is learning new ways to pounce on and surprise his many enemies.”

I think this means he is at least getting one new move that is most likely a parry? Or maybe he can pounce at the opponent from a longer distance. I don’t know but he’s definitely getting something new.

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Pounce really leaning on new moves in his feral run I bet

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Shut up lcfree Kreygasm

Be careful of what you say. Not everyone has to agree with you.

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with all of the feral cancel buzz, I think I have a good alternative to removing them or leaving them alone. What if they just increased the cooldown? right now it has a cooldown of about 60 frames (one second) which seems pretty fast. I think making it a bit longer would still give Wulf players all the fun and creativity of the FC without it being the brick wall of offense it is right now. Keep in mind I don’t play Wulf that much be I understand his intermediate strategies.

Maybe he will get the Kart wheel back??? LOL… probably the pounce…and you can hold the button down to delay it and make it more powerful.
the kart wheel, the spin, and the flip kick!!! yeah!!!

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