Are card pack prices set in stone?

I’m just wondering if these are the final prices.

I’ve become a little discouraged with the emporium after grinding out 3k astral gems to get a guardian pack and only getting inferior versions of what I already have making it feel like all of those missions went to waste. I’d save up for a guaranteed Killer pack but 17, 000 gems feels like a little to much to me.

Anyone else feeling the same? I just don’t get excited about the shop, my purchases don’t feel gratifying for the amount of work needed to earn them.

I kinda hope there’s some tips taken from the Plants Vs Zombies coins and card packs system. You get decent sized bonuses for completing certain tasks like promoting a character gives you 10k coins or complete daily or weekly challenges.

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Ha, didn’t think I’d see another PvZ player here.

I agree, PvZ does it well. You get lots of coins for doing just about anything and there are lots of side missions and activities to keep you going. The emporium just doesn’t really feel all that satisfying right now as Guardians are the only real thing worth striving for. Components come with regular play and relics/consumables are craftable with said components you get just for playing. The only things worth saving for are the Guardians and they feel terribly overpriced for the amount of effort needed to get them.

I love the mode but I don’t want it to feel like a slog to earn points for packs that only net a chance to get what you want. I would spend my KI gold but frankly the prices are kind of out there right now, what’s it cost just under $10 for a pack that gets you two guardians of random rarity? Not really worth it so you have to rely on the grind.

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Honestly though, everywhere this system exists its a grind. PvZ may be less of an offender but if you look at FIFA’s Ultimate Team or even Halo 5’s REQ packs, you need to play for a while before you manage to get the packs with the good rewards.

Very true but in those games there is so much content to be had that it makes the grind feel worth while, while Shadow Lords is still in its infancy there is drastically less content to collect making the packs feel even more underwhelming. The consumables and components only exist to help you unlock Guardians at this point, granted like I said the mode isn’t out and they intend to add a lot more stuff but I’m just voicing concern that once the general public gets a hold of it they’ll probably be a little less constructive with their feedback if they come to the same conclusions.

I think if they made gems a little easier to come by for people not playing on Godlike who are pros at the game it would go a long way. If you try to play on normal or challenging the grind is pretty unpleasant trying to get packs, its not terrible but for the public it might be unappealing and result is less folks sticking around to play.

I think it would also be helpful if they added other stuff to the packs like cosmetics, things that can actually be used in the whole of Killer Instinct. Maybe the Mimic skins as well as others could be included to spice it up and make you want to buy packs, just something besides just Guardians.

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I think the price in Astral Gems for the Killer pack should probably be a little closer in relative value to its weight in KI Gold.
The Epic pack costs 2850 Gold, or 3000 Astral Gems.
The Killer Pack costs either 5250 Gold or…17000 Astral Gems? A little consistency in price scaling could go a long way.


Looking at the prices to me, it seems like the way they want to handle aquiring packs is the lesser packs are better gained grinding (gems) and the more rare packs are better purchased (KI Gold). And while they don’t intend for you to do it, they do allow you to use one currency for the other’s purpose even if you are essentially just throwing away your currency. It’s a complete waste to use KI Gold on a basic pack because you can get that amount of astral gems in a matter of what…2 fights? Maybe 3? On the other hand you can get 17 of the 1000 gem packs for 1 of the 17000.

So yeah…I’m pretty sure the “Best value” tag that seems to be hanging everyone up only apllies to using KI Gold. The “Best value” for gems would be the 1000 gem packs. Maybe there should be separate “best value” Gem and Gold tags to help everyone see the difference.

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Would be cool to have something similar to the contracts on black ops 3 where you complete a certain objective for bonus krypto keys

I’d honestly like to see a pack that guarantees you a skeleton key.

I’ve gotten those but don’t know how they work lol

When a locked chest drops, if you have a key hit it like a regular chest & you get bonus stuff. If you don’t have a key when you hit it a pop-up will appear telling you you need a key, and the match will end.

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I understand that the categorical packs contain random items of that category. Do the randomly generated items very pending on what I spend. I.e. If I spend the lesser amount of KI Gold for the killer pack I get one set, but if I spend the larger amount of astral gems would I get a different combination of items?

I’m fairly certain that the items have the same probability regardless of the payment method.

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