Arby, that's not how you stage ultra

This dude is so cool he doesn’t even need to look at someone to send them falling to their death.


HAH! Yeah, that just looks odd. XD

No launch is 100% perfect, so good to show these things to IG so they can fix it in a future patch. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just noticed when testing it on Aganos’ stage that the retro elite commander helmet, the gold one is transparent when looked at through the bottom during his win pose. x__x

Ugh that stage ultra call. But I did like when he said “knock off”

Ha that’s how cool Arby is

Sounds a lot better than the current announcer, I’ve been using this voice since launch.

I’d have liked the callout to be played during the fall - “knock off… knock off… knock off…” but other than that I like the classic callout.

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Not gonna lie, but Chris actually sounded better than Not-Mike for the “STAGE ULTRAAAA!” scream…

Wonder if ARIA’s sounds good…

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Both are horrible. Please remove it.

That fall still looks lame as heck… they didn’t retouch it at all. I am disappoint.

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