Arbiters Sticky Grenade Nerf

I’m not really the type to yell nerf this or nerf that but his sticky grenade seems a bit too good right now. Being in some set ups where I either jump and take the grenade where he can get another combo after it or stand still and take the command grab for another set up. It would help if his sticky grenade was like cinders and it went away if he got hit. His vortex seems a little too strong rn imo

Well it is strong, but as an Arbiter player you have to master the grenade stuff.

It’s not brainless, it’s not free, it is stuff based on accurate and clever set ups, otherwise your grenades will be useless.

just as the other character’s set ups, If you dont know how to defend or counter them, you are done.


Even a perfect setup should be possible to avoid on a right read or reaction IMO.

So far I struggle to understand options against this one, especially when Arbiter has shield.

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He doesn’t have limitless grenades - so that keeps this from being constant. There are also certain positions where the grenade will stun Arbiter as well, so it’s not always a guaranteed followup. If you are choosing between a combo and his command grab, though, I think the command grab is always going to be the better choice.

There are a few moves that just shrug off the grenade too - like if it goes off in the middle of a throw animation.

It may be that eventually the grenade needs a nerf (although I’m afraid there aren’t too many characteristics that could be adjusted here - it either works for these setups or it doesn’t) but so far I haven’t run into any situations where I think it is impossible to avoid or too terrible if you get caught.

Command grab gives a combo when you are primed too though.

Not sure if throwing would be a decent option since Arbiter will have frame, and possibly range advantage.

But the timing for command grab - explosion - combo is different than the timing for jumping - explosion - combo, right?. So if you want to be jumping during the timing for the first setup and then be prepared to eat a later command grab then you’re better off.

EDIT: Throwing is always situational. If you manage to land a throw, and the grenade goes off during the throw it does nothing. If you throw and then the grenade goes off and stuns you, you may be open. But I was just making the comment that some things timed correctly negate the grenade. I’ve been away from the game for a couple of weeks, but if I recall correctly most enders do too.

Is say play a little more.

The secret defense strategy for grenades is…



The idea of hitting your opponent as a form of defense seems to be forgotten by people a lot. Just try one of these ideas when you are stuck with a grenade:

-Use a big special move to travel to him and hit him as he is coming near you. If he is charging at you, expecting to get a command grab, he will not expect to get hit!

-Get near him (even if you have to jump) and perform a block string on him. If you can keep him in block stun for long enough, then you can stop attacking as soon as the grenade explodes, which will put you both back to “neutral”.

-Go for a “tick-throw”. This is also very unexpected, and if you time it perfectly, the grenade wont have any effect on you at all. (You could try jumping around a lot, then you will notice him sit and wait for the grenade to explode. When you are sure that he is waiting to get the recapture, dash in and throw him.)

-Open a combo, and quickly perform an ender that will push him away from you, or get a hard knock down.


Projectile invulnerable shadow moves can be strong at combating it. Obviously not getting hit in the first place is solid. As for dealing with it, your gut reaction is to run away and wait for it to blow up while blocking but a strong strategy is to go in and attack the guy, his command grab has startup frames you can poke him out of before. With this strategy you won’t finish your combo unless you use a projectile invulnerable move within the combo but you avoid taking damage and you get a little damage in yourself.

Absolutly right!

This is why Arby’s Grenade vortex is not broken.

The opponent has to find the good way to protect himself, wich is not defense but offense.

Yeah, to reiterate the points above, don’t go all “lame duck” when you get a grenade on you. It isn’t the plague. Or polio. It’s a projectile that will only lock you down if you allow it to… or if you’re opponent outplays you but that’s most anything in this game.

Projectile invulnerable shadow/armored moves, kamikaze Arby with his own grenade, throws, enders and more. Don’t take the fight sitting down.

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Forgot to add that I use Aganos so avoiding the sticky grenade isn’t really much of a thing lol. It’s kind of annoying that I have to block mid combo if the grenade is stuck on me too. I honestly would love to see grenades take a bit longer to charge or just go away on hit but if it doesn’t then whatever I guess ill learn to deal with this character

Block mid-combo? Just do an ender. Any sort of “animation”, like combo enders or throws/command grabs, ignore the grenade’s explosion. Sure, you might be ending your combo early. But it’s a lot better than not finishing your combo at all!

God I’m bad at wording stuff. I meant more along the lines of getting an opener such as like Jagos Forward HK into shadow laser and then having to block the explosion it’s such a drag.

Even better than doing a short combo is doing a short combo with an ender that launches since the grenade still recaptures arbiter letting you continue your combo. I’ve only managed to time this once with Rash’s damage ender but it was so satisfying.

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“Vortex” implies you being in deep minus after kd and arby having shield. Attacking from that position is a bit problematic. If he just throws grenade in neutral, it’s not that much of a problem, and it’s not what we are talking about.

I mean, there are ways around that, but like I said, I prefer to break setups down before we bring up invulnerable moves (which not everyone have) and meter.

So here I am using an Arbiter’s own grenade to open him up for the win. This thing is definitely a double edged sword if Arbiter isn’t careful.!809&authkey=!AFjjouQekVtMwic&ithint=video%2Cmp4


That is very clever of you! Congrats.

However, It was a mistake from your opponent.
He did a bad job, not trying to set up a new vortex and leaving you free to move.

Your video prove that the grenade stuff is not broken; as an Arby, if you don’t know how to take advantage of it, it is a useless tool, worse than that it can become your weakness.

Someone’s inability to aim doesn’t mean the gun is bad.

That makes no point.

It’s not a matter of “disability” it is a matter of mastering a tool, which is not easy to use and that could become a issue if you don’t know how to master it.
And that is because that tool has a very specific way to be used, that it is not broken.