Anything on Ultimate Source Being Usable Again?

I’m fairly new to the game and community, only a couple months now but I’m excited for the game and would like to purchase a statue or something on ultimatesourcekillerinstinct but the website just says they are rebuilding and that we can still shop, but clicking any of the statue links just brings you to a pretty much unusable page. Has there been any word on when we can use this site again and is there anywhere else to buy the statues? I love the game and I’d like to support it however I can! On that note does anyone know good places to get good KI apparel that isn’t as gaudy as the stuff in the official shop?

You could try for KI apparel and some keychains. EightySixed sells a lot of brands like Street Fighter and KI apparel, and most of those are pretty nice designs. The Glacius Tee is especially worth checking out.

Also, while the Ultimate Source store is currently unavailable, the figures can still be purchased through some of their partner networks listed on their front page, namely Amazon, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, and Diamond Comic Distrubutors.


Awesome that Killer Instinct Origins shirt is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for!