Anyone Working on PC mods yet?

There was actually a thread from somewhere working on 3d models for when the PC port drops for modding. Is anyone else preemptively working on them for when it drops next month? Costumes, colors, Accessories?

I’ll be doing color/texture reskins, but I can’t really start until the PC version is released and the actual textures/file directories are accessible.

Here’s some of my texture work from League of Legends, as a reference to my design style:

(^ there’s a Sabrewulf Warwick skin in there too)

What does club assassin do?

Did you model the hair or is it presets

I don’t do object model modding, color/textures only.
I gave her brown hair with more realistic textures, sparkly jewelry, full face makeup rework with running mascara, blue sparkly dress (instead of purple silk), added black thigh highs, made her gun silver and highlighted the cleavage a little more. The original can be seen here:

My SFV Harley Quinn Mika is coming along nicely as well…

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The dude who was making that Retro Orchid skin eventually scrapped the idea and made a big thread about how he was just going to make his own Killer Instinct game with a few friends but he hasn’t posted anything in months…

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Oh he deleted it??? Bummer I loved his thunder skin

Somebody should make a mod that can allow players to swap the skeletons of characters. Imagine Orchid having Aganos’s skeleton or Kan-ra having Jago’s skeleton :smiley:

He didn’t delete it. It was on the old forums

From Brandon Smith:

Yea this is the one where did you find it?

I subscribed to him on YouTube when I saw it and never took him off, for obvious reasons :slight_smile: His work is gorgeous.

THAT is the ultimate retro Orchid.

It always makes me sad.

we should all go leave loving comments on his YouTube video to spark his interest back up :slight_smile: