Anyone with KI fight stick

Hello gamers. My fightstick has been finally acting up. I’m assuming it’s the power cable as my fight stick disconnects if I move the stick a certain way or if I wiggle the cable. I’ve lost few matches from this.

I was just wondering, will any madkatz pro cable work? (Pro cable with the USB end and the other end is that circular connector with 5 or 6 holes)

Or, has anyone else had my problem and had a better fix ? Right now my fix is to wrap the cable around the scontroller and play. But sometimes he cable accidentally presses the taunt button and it makes players salty for no reason and I end up losing badly.

Any help is much appreciated. I love you

My understanding is that any madcatz pro cable will work with the TE2. They are all the same. I’m 99% positive this has come up before and that was the answer from madcatz.