Anyone use BenQs for fighting games?

Hello, I am trying to find a new monitor to buy, and I was wondering… does anyone in here use BenQ Monitors? Thinking about picking up some for gaming, and I just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on the monitors. Looking at the RL series. Specifically the RL2755HM Monitor, the MLG one. I usually play on my big TV but I thought maybe it would be better to play on a gaming monitor especially when it comes to fighting games. Thanks for your help in advance.

In all honesty, just get anything, the devs likely made the game with TV’s in mind with high delay (usually 30ms + for most TV’s, with the best i’ve had at 32, and the worst being about 50ms) the thing with that panel is its a TN (i’m sure, nothing else comes close to that) so you lose some colour quality due to viewing angles, I use an ips panel at 5ms and thats been fine. I’d much rather have 4ms more lag than crappy colours. Also, there are so many frames that you get to counter with 4ms wont really make you better, you can’t even react in that time.

This is the brand I use, They are chinese but make some very nice monitors for cheap.

BenQ’s are really popular in tournaments. Or at least they were, I haven’t seen a BenQ add between matches in a while. Either way they’re good, minimal lag, great display. But honestly depending on how much lag there is on your current TV it might not be worth it, be sure to look up what the difference is.

I got the benq rl2460rt since its the official evo monitor and even pr balrog and justin wong endorsed even has a fighting game mode lol

I have a BenQ XL2720Z and love it. Honestly, having a monitor if you serious about FG is a good investment. Not so much with combo timing, since buffering windows are more common (no more 1 frame links), but can be important dealing with mix-ups and reacting to auto-doubles in KI. Having a monitor similar to those used in tournaments keeps your play consistent as well.

Thank you for the help, and thank you everyone for the help! :slight_smile: