Anyone Up For Some Battlefield 4?

Title says it all. I wanna squad up with someone. I’m just playing Team Deathmatch today so if you wanna play my gamertag is RGL Official.

I recently reinstalled Battlefield Hardline and I’m getting back into that. I own BF4 but I actually prefer Hardline because the vehicle stuff is lower-end and easier to break than the main series. I am an infantry combat kind of guy, personally.

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Ahhh. Well I’m just playing Deathmatch so there are no vehicles. I don’t have Hardline otherwise I would jump in with you.

Wait, I thought your internet exploded or something?

I have some explaining to do. I’ll explain next time I can get you into a party because I don’t want to write it down.

Kill me now. :dizzy_face:

Hardline is absolute and utter crap, IMO, when compared to BF4, especially in TDM, where spawns are not just bad, but horrific. In fact, my comment above rings true in that particular mode, because I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve respawned in a “safe” area (and not on a squad or teammate) only to be immediately gunned down by a row of 6+ enemies just standing there, firing squad style. On top of that, the recoil of the guns is wildly unwieldly - at least with BF4, you have some control. Furthermore, vehicles are weak! I prefer teamwork and coordinatinon and smart thinking to bring down vehicles - not just point and shoot.

There’s a reason most people still play BF4 over Hardline… For me personally, Hardline was 1 of the worst video game purchases I’ve ever made.

That being said, I have my fingers crossed that BF1 does NOT end up like Hardline did.

Vehicles in Battlefield are typically unbalanced in the vehicle’s direction. For example, even in BF Hardline, I can’t shoot through a GLASS WINDOW to headshot the driver/passenger/gunner. In every Battlefield game I’ve played, someone can spend the entire match driving a tank or armored jeep snagging easy kills, or someone who is an accomplished pilot (granted, flying takes skill) can fly a jet or helicopter (again, forever) around for the entire game picking up two-hit kills as though they’re firing a sniper rifle or a close range shotgun.

While bad spawns aren’t unique to spawning in front of vehicles, it isn’t fun to get run over by a vehicle before you get a chance to move, or blown up by a tank shell or HMG. I also find that unless you’re planting C4/breaching charges on them, it takes far too many rockets to take down a vehicle, particularly since they can drive or fly to somewhere out of line of sight and freely repair the thing.

Give me infantry-only any day, and Hardline has really good infantry focus. Recoil doesn’t feel too bad in any of the BF games I’ve played, but I also typically focus on control/accuracy attachments and use single fire, burst fire, or specific automatic weapons. The AN-94 in BF3 and BF4 was my all time favorite BF weapon, and BFH has several semiautos that I like, my current favorite being the M1A carbine.

Personally I prefer Hardline, it took itself less seriously and both Hotwire and Blood Money are really fun!

Also, BF4 and BFH are giving out all their dlc in celebration of Battlefield 1(I think that is the reason), so be sure to download them when you can!

I agree 100%.

Using a vehicle is either a guaranteed 10 or more kills, or instant suicide, depending on the enemy team. 1 person can not do ANYTHING to vehicles, so unless you specifically plan for 3 or more friends to be a “Anti vehicle” task force, you are screwed.

I am also one of the few people who enjoy Hardline, so i would love to play that any time.

I am playing BF4 All night tonight. Who wants to join?

I’m in!

THERE YOU ARE! i even tried to find your friends, and i couldnt :frowning:

Anyone up for some all night BF4? I’m taking a nap and setting an alarm for 11:00 PM. Then we’re doing some epic Battlefieldness.

Hitting the sack early tonight to catch up on hours I’ve been missing all week…

@ZDhome hby m8?