Anyone still watches ScrewAttack's Death Battle?

Here’s the most recent DB

I watch them. The Bayonetta vs Dante was interesting. Still salty about Goku vs Superman though.

My big brother really hate Superman because he defeat him twice! But my brother won’t agree with who believe superman is stronger than Goku…

These are the Death Battles I am salty about.
Superman beating Goku twice.
Leonardo beating Zitz.
Yoshi beating Riptor.(Especially that one)
Toph beating Gaara.
Kirby beating Majiin Buu.

I really hate “Sakuya Izaykoi vs Dio” because Dio get defeated by little maid girl. But I don’t understand why Dio didn’t heal his wound?.. Dio is my favorite Jojo series of all time. You can see my profile picture. Dio is stronger and immortal. Why maid girl can defeat him with her knife!!! BOOO!

For them it Sakuya was the winner,but for me,it was Dio. Plus it was a One Minute melee so they did no research. Therefore it did not count :smiley:

I watch death battle only if it is with characters that interest me (I am not too interested in the next one though)

With results I always am generally fine with them, even goku v superman which had a lot of controversy I was ok with because although I am neutral with supes and like goku I kinda expected this, even when one of my favourite characters M. Bison lost to the Kahn I totally agreed with the result

I am still waiting for Balrog vs T.J or maybe Jax as well

(Sigh) But Akuma and Kenpachi Zaraki get research… I know it’s not make a sense. But Dio shouldn’t lose because his stand can’t get hurt or kill by human. Only stand can hurt stand! Person who without stand can’t see someone’s stand. But why Sakuya can see Dio’s The World!!! IMPOSSIBLE!

Yoshi vs riptor pissed me the hell off. Yoshi was pretty much torn to shreds and won with riptor falling falling off a cliff.

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Yep. That battle made no sense to me

At least fulgore and orchid got their rightful wins