Anyone skip to 1000 SP tier in Shadow Survival?

It’s just one guy. One guy’s shadow, forever replayed ad infinitum. It’s a Jago AI with like 1300+ wins and 212 losses. Oh, I’m sorry, 218 losses after I got done with him. I mean the Jago play was solid but still predictable.

Anyone else notice this or have different results?

Same here. It is a Jago monopoly up there.

Are you getting the same guy as well or different Jagos? I can’t remember his name but after two matches it should be obvious if it’s same person. I think it’s Shizz something.

It makes sense in a way. As good as the shadow AI system is at picking up player nuances and habits, it still struggles with set-ups, hit confirms and some other specific reactions and forms of play. Jago is a fairly straightforward character and a strong one at that, so the AI doesn’t have to pick up on burnout set-ups or cross-up divekick mix-ups or what have you.

Its been like that forever… he is a forum member I think and I cant recall the name right now.

I sort of wish that they would NOT make shadows an opt in / opt out thing. 1 Jago is kind of lame.

Anyway, no. I’ve never done that.

It is SkitzTheJabroni for me

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His shadow just tries to DP after every blocked wind kick for whatever reason.

That’s who it is! Thank you! That was bugging the crap out of me.

Yeah. Like I said, it got predictable. I actually perfected it after the sixth fight in a row and just quit at that point.

6sixth fight? How did you fight it six times in a row?

It was the only shadow up there,

Because he’s the only shadow AI at that tier. That’s part of why I made this thread. I was curious if anyone ran into any other shadows at that level.

For me, I literally just fought Skits’s AI again and again and again as long as I kept winning. There was no one else at that level.

The level doesn’t mean much. Since the AI is more tuned to the player then anything. His Jago was pretty bad overall though. So I wouldn’t go basing his level around “the best”.

Oh no, I wouldn’t call that AI the best either. I just meant he was the only one at that tier. And I think that placement is probably influenced heavily by win-rate.


At 500 P, It is only Superplayer 46. wtf

Ha. Sounds like I’ve got another “top-tier” shadow AI to destroy.

Play my shadow Diamond Visi0n! You can kick my jago ■■■ I need this shadow matches achievement already!!!

It may not be that easy to find it. But I’ll try. I need the 100 as well.

They should do g where you can’t fight the same shadow in a single survival run.

you can add them as a friend and then just search through your friends’ Shadows.