Anyone playing the new Mirror's Edge?

Could you share your thoughts on the game if you have it?
I am interested in buying Mirror’s Edge but I am not interested in an EA game. Please let me know if any good.

One more question…Mirror’s Edge or Quantum Break?

It looks to be good, but I’m not a fan for those games where you see two hands in fron of you like dead island or overwatch.

I may pick up quantum break it looks third person

I’ve only played a few hours so far.
Graphics - the art style is nice, cut-scenes look great.
In game, things in the distance look a little blurry , there is an option to adjust the field of view but it states that performance can be affected - so I haven’t messed around with that.

Frame rate is good, but I’ve noticed a bit of texture pop in certain locations - nothing major - just for small items. It looks decent but doesn’t feel as polished/detailed as other major AAA games.
The futuristic look is nice, but at times feels sterile/empty.
The main characters look good, other NPCs look a bit, generic.
Music and sound is good, lip syncing passable.

The controls take a little getting used to but work well and are responsive.
Faith can upgrade her skills, gameplay feels a bit basic at first but does improve.
Areas are larger than the last game with multiple missions. The story is enjoyable so far.

I read an article earlier that EA Access will be free to all XBL Gold members during next week - so you could always try out the free trial for Mirrors Edge yourself.

I like QB a lot, although it does have a few flaws - like ghosting/motion blur, and I wish it was longer or had extra game modes. Apart from that it’s great.

I don’t feel like I can give you a solid opinion on the game since I’ve only played the first three story quests. However, I can do this:

I am currently doing a blind playthrough of the game, so if you want to keep up with my reactions and experience keep an eye on this playlist. When it’s finally over, I’ll give you my full opinion on this thread. Until then :wink:

P.S. I have not played QB.