Anyone know of any good podcasts?

Hey, I’m trying to figure out something to listen to at work and unfortunately I’m not too big on podcasts, so I really don’t know what is good per say.

About the only one I listen to is Pat the NES Punk’s Completely Unnecessary Podcast. They talk about a lot of topical game news, youtube stuff, movie news, retro game stuff, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might be kind of in the same area of content?

“The Patch” is good. It’s hosted by Rooster Teeth, aka the guys who made Red vs Blue.

If you just want a general news podcast that’s very middle of the road, I recommend The Morning Stream. The hosts are typically upbeat and funny, and they talk about a wide range of things from music, to video games, to movies, to politics, to celebrity bull****. If you like their stuff, both hosts do other podcasts like Filmsack, Coverville, The Boop Show, Core, The Instance, and so on.


There’s a hybrid podcast/let’s play series on YouTube called “Let’s Drown Out”, hosted by Yahtzee Croshaw of Zero Punctuation and Gabriel Morton from Keepetclassy. It recently came to an end due to Croshaw’s move to the US, but it’s one of my favorite things to listen to.

The idea is that they would talk about hot topics in the news (gaming or otherwise) as well as answering questions from their social media/sub-reddit, while playing something that’s usually boring enough that you won’t miss out if you just listen to it.

They have a few more traditional let’s plays on the channel of old adventure games, as well as other games they describe as “exercises in punishment and frustration”.

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That’s cool…what about sciencey stuff? Does anyone know of a good science news podcast, or something kinda in line with the kind of stuff Vsauce puts on youtube?

Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Neil DeGrasse Tyson (The Black Science Guy) run a radio talk show of sorts. “Star Talk Radio”. They talk about science stuff. :slight_smile:


Super best friend cast, they are difficult to start following due to tons of in-jokes. but they post a weekly podcast on Tuesdays about weekly gaming news, also other media, anime and some times wrestling.
They also are huge into street fighter and KI and pretty much all fighters but mostly those 2.
One of their members, Woolie, once played against Daigo at EVO:

Podcast link:

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I think I may have enough now to keep work rolling now.

If you’re looking for solid Fighting Game podcasts, UltraChenTV has a great podcast. They cover community news, tournament recaps, game news, and other misc stuff. They do a live show onTwitch on Tuesday nights (west coast), and the podcast normally gets uploaded sometime later in the week.

For Human Interest pieces, This American Life and Invisiabilia does great storytelling. Just really interesting stories about people or the world around us.

For Economic/Business news, anything from Marketplace is solid, and Planet Money is a great podcast for interesting money/market stories with more of a casual focus.

For Politics, NPR Politics does a great job breaking down the news of the week.

Pop Culture Happy Hour is also good for reviews of shows, movies, books, comic books, stuff like that.

For comedy/entertainment: Hello, From the Magic Tavern is one of the funniest podcasts I’ve ever listened to in my life. I can’t recommend it enough, if you like improv comedy, or dungeons and dragons/fantasy world stuff, this thing will crack you up.

Finally, if you like history, give “Revolutions” a try. It’s a guy who goes back through history and does series on the various revolutions through time, such as the American Revolution (which he covers in Season 2).

“Off Topic” is the official Achievement Hunters podcast and ensures me a good bucket of laughs every week! You can find it on YouTube on the Achievement Hunter channel :slight_smile: