Anyone know how to snap twitch on my XB1

ever sibce the update I can’t seem to find a way to manually snap Twitch.

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If I’m not mistaken, snap is disabled at the moment

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If you open a game, then choose to open twitch, and select Broadcast … the twitch app snaps.

ok imma try that

EDIT: It works but how do I keep it snapped when I go to the game?

Its been removed from what I was told.

I haven’t tried. If you can’t keep it snapped, you can try to let twitch run in the background …

Temporarily, I’m assuming.

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I have had the update for months thanks to the preview program. Twitch still works although you cant have the chat snapped anymore. I think they are focusing on beam for the time being but since the update my stream doesnt crash like it did with the chat not snapped since i use my cpu for chat etc when im running tournaments and all. To stream simply load your game, then load twitch. its easier if you have stuffed pinned so you dont have to load the games and apps section. After twitch is loaded hit broadcast and it will snap like it used to etc. you just dont have the chat anymore so when your stream is up un snap and have fun, I recommend using your phone tablet or pc for chat. when you want to shut it down click on twitch and it will snap again and you can end it. @JEFFRON27