Anyone Interested in KI Casuals in the Boston Area?

My friends and I have been getting together at a venue for a while now, holding our own private friendly Killer Instinct tournaments. The last couple of times we have got together we have consistently had around 22 people. I would like to open it to the public but would like to see how many people are willing to come out first.

For now I don’t charge anything, it’s completely free. But there is no pay out and only 2 set ups. What I’m hoping for is to get a decent turn out with entry fee so that we can have a prize pool on a monthly basis. I help my friend hold a monthly Smash 4 tournament at the same venue and it’s been moving up at a healthy rate, I’d like to do the same for Killer Instinct players in the area.

So for now I’m interested in who would be willing to join a monthly KI get together/tournament in Boston on here? The venue is right in the heart of Boston, next to Park Street station and the State House.

I’m really interested. What day of the week does it happen?

We were doing it Bi-weekly but are thinking about putting our energy into a monthly. It’s usually either a Friday or a Saturday. The good thing about a monthly is that I can almost always have it on the same day and time. I’m hoping for a monthly Saturday event.

Ight, im down. Name of place?

It’s called “The Church on the Hill”. The hall is a part of the building the Church is in. I’ll message you more details.