Anyone here remember Samurai Jack?

Idk if anyone else here watched that show back in the day but if you did and liked it, well good news, after like 12 years they are finally making a 5th season to conclude Jack’s story. Here is a video with some images and information about it.

I am pretty hype, I loved this show as a kid lol


Like KI. It was long overdue. I can’t wait.

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Same. I am just happy we are finally getting a conclusion to the story lol

Interestingly this season is rated MA and will be on Adult Swim only unlike the first 4 seasons which were somewhat kid friendly haha


It’s back! Holy cow! Nostalgia!

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I’d love they do the same for Teen Titans… Good news, though! I watched it back in the day but I don’t remember it very well and now I could seriously give it a shoot.

Was literally one of the best shows on CN back in the day.

I’m so happy that its getting season 5 but its sad it will be the final season.

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When I saw that adult swim trailer a couple months back I creamed.

Samurai Jack was one of the cartoons I can gladly say was the S*** growing up. I watched all of the episodes front to back with no regrets. So it comes as no surprise how heartbroken I was when the show got cancelled without a proper conclusion (unfortunately I wasn’t able to read the graphic novels that was supposed to continue the story). So the fact that it’s finally continuing definitely has me become a happy camper.

Bonus points for the fact that the original creator of the show is working on it as well so I’m sure the original vibe of the show will maintain albeit a bit more mature. (unlike Teen Titans Go and the Powerpuff Girls reboot).


Samurai Jack is FINALLY back now! :smile:

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reminds me of KI2…
Long ago in a distant plain, I Gargos, shape shifting warlord of darkness unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE EVIL!
But a fooolish Taiwanese warrior, wielding a Japanese sword, stepped forth to oppose me.
Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the past, where my evil is LAW!
Now the fool seeks to return to the future and undo the evil that is Ak…Gargos


In what way? Did they finally released a schedule for the new episodes that was supposed to come out? Did they say who was voiceing AKU?

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This was the best can’t wait for season 5